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  1. Bolwin

    GFP Closing

    Auction Flyer https://secure-s3.serverdata.com/www.cia-auction.com/files/auction_brochures/General_Foam_v3.pdf
  2. Bolwin

    GFP Closing

    If the auction company uses bidspotter.com for online bidding, they post pictures of the item. I can't remember which site they use.
  3. Bolwin

    GFP Closing

    There will be an inspection day before the day of the auction for people to look at and check out what they are interested in. Anybody can go to it.
  4. Bolwin

    GFP Closing

    From being at this auctioneers auctions before I would imagine they would sell them in lots of 10/ maybe more of the different season molds. That way the auction doesn't take forever to finish. But I could be wrong, I have before. Price of aluminum scrap here in Dayton Ohio is currently 50 cents a pound. That kinda gives you an idea of scrap. I've seen it much higher but you would really have to have the pounds to really make it worth while to scrap. I would hate to see that happen, just like everyone else. I'm going to sign up for the auction for online bidding to se
  5. Bolwin

    GFP Closing

    Auction info below. I usually get flyers for industrial auctions, I'll be sure to scan the auction flyer when it arrives. 350+) Various Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Toy Aluminum Blow Molds https://www.cia-auction.com/home/upcoming_auctions/general-foam-plastics-corp-day-1-location-1.html
  6. I was wondering how you would go about fixing an arm or fixing the faces. I've attached a picture of the elfs I bought last year and would like to restore them but I'm not sure where to start?
  7. Does anyone here display animated figures outsaide? I'm looking for ideas on building a house for them and would like to see other peoples ideas
  8. As a st. bernard lover, I've been looking for one also for several years but yet to find one.
  9. I wanted to give an update. I finally got around to installing a new 4 point control box from christmas done bright and it works like the day it was brand new. Thanks for the help!
  10. I haven't got around to buying a new control yet.
  11. I have two of these molds and I would like to trade if anyone would be interested. I'm looking for lollipop or gingerbread molds. [ATTACH=CONFIG]41916[/ATTACH]
  12. I have a ropelight train with the two cars that the wheels move and the smoke puffs from the engine, towards the end of the season the motion of the smoke and wheels quit. I got it inside today and the box that controls the motion is fried. Is there any product out there that I can buy to get the motion going again? Thanks
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