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  1. Thanks for posting! What made you use the eye hooks on the hook head versus using maybe cup hooks or an open head type hook. The eye hooks are closed. Did you drape the lights over the eye hook?
  2. You could use a PVC and broom clip system. Check out my set up on this forum.
  3. All of my local Lowe's stopped restocking their lights. They pretty much get 1 or 2 shipments for the season and once they sell that's it. By the time they hit their end of season sale there's nothing left!
  4. Has anyone tried the ShowTime Central yet? I am contemplating diving into LOR next year and noticed the new ShowTime Central and was looking for feedback from anyone who has used it yet.
  5. Could be an issue with the rectifier. Do they have rectifiers on them?
  6. I made my first cutout this year and it was pretty easy to use a jigsaw and cut it out of plywood. I then used enamel paints to color it in. It's the Grinch coming out the top of the chimney.
  7. Plus every light bulb inside my house (lamps, ceiling fan, bathroom lights) is either CFL or LED. RIght now I have my 55,000 lights on, plus 2 giant TV's, the dryer, 1,000 LED Christmas lights inside my house and a few floor lamps. No problems.
  8. I am running 55,000 LEDs off of a 100amp service!!! I have 2 dedicated breakers on my box just for the lights. I have had all the lights on, oven, dryer, heater and microwave on at once several times for 30 plus minutes and have yet to pop a breaker.
  9. I would like to know how many amps SPT-2 cord can sustain. I run all LEDs on my display too. I am very creaful to only plug a few hundred lights and maybe at most 2,000 LED's which is 1.6 amps.
  10. Merrymidget- I had the same problem last year with the same outlet and it was a different timer plugged into this outlet. I have used a different timer on this outlet every year for the last 3 years (same model) and the same issue happens. That's why I am left thinking it is a combo of this outlet being old and the timer.
  11. It is not the timer becuase I use 4 of these timers throughout my display and none of the others do this. I believe it is the outlet the timer is connected too. It is at least 30 years old. Thanks for the suggestions! I will see about getting this outlet updated.
  12. I have my lights hooked up to 4 different outlets attached to digital timers. At the end of the night they all turn off but one of the outlets continues to power the LED lights so they are very dim all night. But not all of the lights attached to this outlet are typically showing dim when the power is off. Sometimes it is just some of the lights attached to this outlet that does this and sometimes all the lights on this outlet do this. What gives? Why would lights still be receving small amounts of power if the timer shuts them off? It is a very old outdoor outlet.
  13. I have 6 sparkleballs in a dogwood tree. i use green SPT-2 wire and vampire plugs to make my own extension cords. You can attach multiple balls to the same cord say if you have 2 balls on the same tree branch. Vamp plugs are easy to work with.
  14. I also send around an email at work to advertise my display and my family tells everyone they know. Facebook has been huge because people take pics and then post them on their Facebook pages and then even more people see it.
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