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    Santa Baby w Jenny McCarthy MMMMmmmmm.
    Deck the Halls w Danny Divito "I want my house to be seen from Outer Space!"
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    Just starting off looking for new kick,
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    Just starting, tired of the same old static displays, this year 2500 lights, mostly LED, 3 channel color organ. animated Santa, and a a light up Moose. 3 tree stands, 2 30 ft pines.

    2011 Added a Life size anamated Santa, 5 additional 6 ft trees (total of 8) addtional 3000 bulbs, just purchased 16 channels for now may go 32 by 2011 xmas.

    update YUP going to 32 channels, purchased/ing 8000 more bulbs need another 2000 more and should have enough for now.

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  1. I find it interesting and at the same time frustrating when you post a request in the wanted section, Some one offers the item to you (BOB). Never responds back to your PM's, Then tells you the item was sold to someone else, possibly the person who hijacked the thread? Nuts. Sure you have the freedom to sell to whom ever you want, just be up front about it i guess. I'm sure there will be a deal a the LOR clearance sale, not like I had to have them today.
  2. Thanks Steve, Ok we can cross the Elor off my list. Now just need to land 2 light linkers and my shopping is done. Thanks all!
  3. Hi Folks, Looking for a couple things, 1st off an Elor unit, If you have one your not using let me know. 2nd 2 light linkers, I know there was one in the classified but need 2 and the price would have been the same as buying a pair of new ones. Let me know what you have. And we can go from there. Thanks Andy
  4. That's great new's Dave, i will let the folks up in Canada know, they will be quite happy to hear.
  5. Nice set up, if you were in Canada I would be all over it,
  6. 12 x 72 1080 watts, but you want to stay around 80% of max load so around 1300 watts. Or 4 350 watt power supplies. and go no more than 4 strings per power supply. Your going to find those strings stupid bright also. Blinding and almost painful to look at. LOR CCRs are 150 count. or 30 leds per meter and are still stupid bright.
  7. The Classifieds area is horrible, go back to the original post type format. At least there was discussion. And people posted a lot more stuff for sale. Just a lot more social. Andy
  8. Don't see them mentioned much here but though I would check and see if someone had a Servodog they don't want any more. I know some folks got some last year at the LOR sale, Maybe a little buyers remorse? LOL Thanks Andy
  9. I was going to suggest the exact same thing.
  10. For batteries go to a Dollar Store card of 5 for a buck.
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