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  1. Nice! Bet that was fun to sequence!
  2. Sounds good.. Also sounds like you need to reduce this down some.. Your own forum might be a great thing!
  3. Well I have been slowly converting over myself. First thing. Not cheap!!!!!!!! You can find them on eBay or holiday Coro. Most buy them from China but I've heard some horror stories on that one. You should get some responses that will point you in the right direction. I personally use holiday Coro and eBay to get the stuff I need for my display. Sent from my ADR6350 using Tapatalk 2
  4. I'l ship some to you. We are suppose to get another 2 inches of the stuff today. You can have it!
  5. I so know that feeling... I now carry notepads with me do doodle on when that thought strikes. You just never know.. And if I don't put it on paper pretty quick it either drives me nuts until I can or I start forgetting details. That is why I always carry pencil and paper just in case. I really need to learn welding.. I think I could do so much more if I knew how. I keep hearing how messing flux core is and the clean up but never say the before and after shots of it. Soldering a PCB can get messy if you use flux but not nothing some alcohol and a brush can't take care of. My only
  6. And this right here is why I need to learn how to weld!!!!!!!! Awesome idea!
  7. I am not up and running.. I've given up. my truck is back in the shop at last I spoke with them the bill was $375. They still have the engine problems to figure out. so I have bowed to the light gods and accepted the fact I'm just not suppose to do all of this this year. It's already mid December. What's the point now...
  8. Wow that is awesome! I would take that in with open arms! lol Great to know there are still people out there that are good. Use it well!!
  9. I gave up trying to figure out what time is spent. I just don't want to know.
  10. lol I use black paracord to tie everything down. And lemme tell ya.. I know that they are there and I've fallen on my butt many times already because I "forget" that they are there.
  11. About 6 inches here. Heavy wet stuff.. The bushes are holding up nearly as well as the lights are!!!!!
  12. I always start / test the night of Black Friday. Or Day after Thanksgiving. I'm not so sure I'll be one time this year though. We shall see!
  13. Hey Grand Island is heard from!!!! Was just on the island two weeks ago!
  14. Awesome! See... I should have done this.. I used the metal EMT conduit.. Heavy. and no base.. I was just thinking of doing a similar thing as you while I was carrying them out to the yard yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!! How funny...
  15. Oh I can't agree with you more on time.. I'm am dragging my butt this year for some reason and I don't know why. And with the weather coming in you would think I would be moving quicker.. Nope... Been extremely cold and now snow... And I still have stuff to build!! I just don't think I'm gonna make my Black Friday test night this year...
  16. Awesome! Looks like I have one close to me.. I'm in Batavia danielwr31!!! Let's see what did I accomplish today... Mega Tree is up (not connected yet but up at least) 4 arches are in place both mega poles / fire sticks are upright although not really set yet as they are leaning (did 'em by myself so I did what I could) And that is it. Oh well my deer are out of the basement and in the garage now. I have to fix my fawn as it would appear the lights are dead so I have to figure out where that is. The whole string too go figure. And then I need to get moving as I'm in the
  17. Hey Fellow New Yorkers! So where is everybody at? Nothing has been posted in here for a long long time. There is already a post for where you are located but now I want to know why you haven't posted in here!? Let's get this rockin' again! We need to coordinate and help each other out with this weather coming in!!!! Give us your tips and tricks! Let us know how the decorating is coming for 2013! Shout out folks! S H O U T O U T ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I personally haven't begun putting things out. Been hesitant due to the weather! And now we have more winter weather comi
  18. Love the idea but my solution was a fraction of the cost of one of those. That and my budget was blown so I had to go on the cheap and since it has been working I left it alone. Maybe next year I can do one of these Sent from my ADR6350 using Tapatalk 2
  19. I'm actually using 1/2" EMT conduit to cross my driveway. Granted not a lot of traffic except for us but it works well. This will be the 3rd year now. I keep it a temp fashion so when the shows are done I can pick it up and move it.
  20. Awesome idea! I just need to learn how to weld! I would have so many things / projects done it would make my head spin! I can solder though! Sent from my ADR6350 using Tapatalk 2
  21. lol Mine Craft.. I should show this to my son. He is in love with that game.. That is all he talks about!! He even suggested some things I put into my display..
  22. Awesome! Great idea! And simple too! This has more applications than just this!
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