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    IT guy from Kentucky, trying to put out a display that gets people excited and brightens their day.
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    Mountain biking, grilling, camping, craft beer, Kentucky sports
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    Static light display of 15,000 lights with a bunch of homemade elements. We've been growing little by little over the past 10 years.

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  1. Love it! I will be thinking about this video on Saturday when I'm at the game. Go Cats!
  2. How long are your segments? I'm using 100 count strands and estimated that they would be about 18" sleeves. I was just going to wrap the first one to my liking and then use that length.
  3. I've read about the method you mentioned Brutale but prefer to have a complete wrap so the lights are cohesive from the back as well. Thanks Mcas, that is good to know. Because of the look I want, I think it will have a lot more lights than the usual static arch but you can't have too many lights...RIGHT?!?. It may be a little of trial and error the first year so if it looks too bad I can always change it up.
  4. I am planning to add a single static arch at the end of my driveway for next year but can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. I'd like to use arch sleeves and alternate either red/white for a candy cane look, or possibly red/green. I have a pole on my front porch that I wrap by hand this way that looks great but hope to avoid rewrapping this arch every year. Does anyone use arch sleeves for their static arches? If so, can you give me some details or lessons learned? I'm a little worried that the gap between each sleeve will be noticeable when viewing from the road since it will be static instead of a leaping arch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Based on the pics in the thread below, I'd say you are right.
  6. Support for XP ends in April so you should stay away from using it.
  7. After thinking through this, I think I will end up just using silver sharpie or paint pens to label the plug end so I know the year and vendor they were purchased from. If anyone has a good method for keeping track, I'd be interested in hearing it. Or do most people not keep track of the strand warranties?
  8. I'm looking for tips on how other members keep track of the lights that they have purchased from PC vendors. In the past, if a strand failed, I probably purchased it from a big box store at 75% off and was not worth the time to deal with warranties. Now that I've started buying the higher quality, and thus more expensive, lights I want to keep up with the warranties.
  9. Only Big Lots lights I have are 2 window frames in multicolor. This was the 2nd season and didn't have a problem.
  10. This was a recent thread that had some good examples. I just did a search for pond and there were quite a few other threads too.
  11. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="poloron christmas" data-cid="617947" data-time="1388848396"><p><p>I want to see a picture of that super Santa and the story behind him . Maybe a good topic for a new thread !
  12. You may check Target. Ours had a bunch of purple and pink LEDs at 70% off. I remember seeing them there at the end of the season last year too so they must not be too popular around here.
  13. Did you use sleeves or just wrap them? How many lights per arch? I'm trying to plan ahead but not sure how many lights to use. I will just be using a single static arch at the front of my driveway for now.
  14. While this isn't a blowmold, you guys are usually awesome at having info about Christmas pieces. Has anyone ever saw this large Santa before? From the look and size, I'm guessing he was part of a store display at some point. You can get an idea of the actual size based on the (real life) girl that is on him.
  15. Target here was at 30% before Christmas. Although, even with the discount, LEDs were the same price as the presale LEDs from the vendors here. Walmart is typically 50% starting tomorrow and 75% shortly after Jan 1.
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