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    Getting old and my toys are getting bigger and costing more
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  1. Hi In the UK near Milton Keynes, i import the LOR controllers and convert for UK use, the tend to go very quickly when i put them on ebay but keep your eyes open if you are interested, listing number for some of my ebay stuff is 280884695623 can always do a discount for UK LOR users
  2. Hi Paul Sore you on TV, looks good. My name is Martin, I live 5 miles North of Milton Keynes in a village called Potterspry. First year using LOR, Link to a poor quality video I took at Christmas bellow, I am using 64 channels of LOR on 240v, the mega tree has 6000 lights on 16 channels the arches are made of rope lights, no idea of bulb count but a want at least another 32 chanels for this year Happy new year to you all Regards Martin UK
  3. Apologies for the poor filming, this is my first year with Light O Rama, I live about 60 miles north of London, I am currently using 64 channels of LOR for this and hoping to add more next year. Happy New Year Martin UK
  4. Hi Dave

    Martin near MK

  5. It was heavy duty elastic reinforced with cotton from a dress shop, about ¾ of an inch wide, lasted 2 years so far. Regards Martin
  6. Thank you all for your responses, they have been very helpful, i suppose i am a typical bloke; play first and only pick up the manual if i need it. Cheers Martin
  7. Hi I am new user I of the LOR sequence software and am having a few problems, I have watched the tutorials and found that when I try and edit a new sequence to music it plays ok, then when I press the red stop (that
  8. Thinking of a 15 ft tree on a 1 ft high frame, using 16 channels and doubling the rope light (side by side so it’s about an inch wide) for each channel, the rope light should weigh about 36 to 40 KG
  9. I am considering trying to build a Mega Tree from rope lights has anybody tried using rope lights for a mega tree yet? Would it work?
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