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  1. Its October, and I'm so far behind

  2. Hey Bill! Finally saw your videos. I know who you are now :). I've watched them this past year. Great Job!

  3. Thanks Ron! I really like how you did the roof line using them.

  4. Awesome! Especially the roof line :)


  5. Same to you!

    Would you be willing to discuss some things about the colonade strips and how you incorporated it in your display? A few people are interested in it, including myself :) I bought some a few months back; but won't have time this year to incorporate it.

  6. Hey Ron, are you planning on coming to the Florida Mini 2011?

  7. Gearing up for the 2011 season. Sequences are being programed, and controllers, arches, and stars; Oh My!

  8. Likes the new Forum layout, but still learning

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