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  1. Does anyone know if there is a way to get the LOR1602MP3 Showtime Director to play a background animation?
  2. The problem is that may neighbors had a city councillor in their pocket, and when there was more cars then they liked coming to see he show they got the city to draft and pass a bylaw. It was a horrible process to go through that ended with us being portrayed as the bad guys in most press. My wife and I stayed quiet for the majority of the process and chose not to go all political activist since that usually makes more enemies. However maybe we should have. Anyways, I have some stuf in the works to possibly relocate to a public venue. Could be better, but not the same!
  3. Hey bright, the fine is $5,000 per week. And I'm sure eventually the police would show up to shut me down!
  4. Well, I'm not planning on fighting anymore. I'm actually working with an art gallery/garden to move my display there. They are really interested to do it and the mayor has promised me better press. Here's to hoping it all works out!
  5. I know Richard did, that's where I got the idea from!
  6. Well, thanks for understanding. I have been away from the site most of the summer due to all this underway I just seemed to loose my spirit for Christmas. I'm at the bottom of a whole and unsure how to dig out. I hear you all on fighting, but I don't know if I want to fight it anymore. It's been a long year of working towards a resolution that just never happened.
  7. Well, it became official tonight! Joysey Lights will be dark this year as the Brantford City Council voted 7-2 in favor of a bylaw that prohibits public display. You can check out the bylaw at the link below. It was absolutely amazing to watch city council so one sidedly support the couple complaining neighbors despite the fact I agreed to all concessions they asked for. I am so fed up with the whole subject I just don't know what to do. One of the kickers was, while a councelor was slamming me, the Mayor (who has a conflict and couldn't be included) approched me and asked if the city could pay me to move it to a park in the city! Are you kidding me? City council so pointedly slammed me for what I thought was a great display for the community and then they want me to put up a display for them. What the heck? http://www.brantford.ca/pdfs/5.2.1%20CS2012-135%20Publicized%20Displays.pdf
  8. Hey everyone, my christmas display has been shutdown by my city! I am looking at putting up the biggest inflatable Grinch that I can find, however I'm having trouble finding anything bigger than the 8' one. Is there one bigger out there, and any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  9. Those are listed as 220v lights. If your in north America you don't want those! I suggest cdi for lights, or magic in the sky! Both have great lights and are the best price for that quality of light!
  10. I don't know the diameter of 12 spt1 wires but definitely don't zip tie them together to run in the pipe! Leave them loose, that way they will go in well and if you need to add another wire you can pull one out with two new attached and there is your extra wire!
  11. Arc fault interrupters are for bedrooms only here in Ontario! And they are a different animal all together however again they are designed to save people's lives. And the comment that electricity doesn't always take the path of least resistance is wrong and right! Ohms law proves this when you use it to solve parallel circuits! To make it simple the current will split in an inverse percentage of the resistance. So while electricity will travel on all paths your wet skin standing on a wet lawn is a better path than practically anything else! As for complaining the trip when it's raining that is because your setup has wires, plugs or damaged lights that are allowing the electricity to go to ground. Now if you assume that somone in the yard finds that spot and somehow touches it, they will now get that shock! So managing your plugs, wires and lights properly, keeping them all away from water will prevent your gfci's from tripping!
  12. Here are the facts, a gfci monitors the current traveling out the positive and back on the neutral, it ensures that the current is within 10mA I believe. So what happens when something goes wrong like a shock or water damage or an arc is that some or all of the current finds a path other than the neutral wire back to ground. That path could be a person! It takes less than 50mA to kill a person if the path is arm to arm! So with a gfci you are limiting the current during a fault to 10mA for a few cycles and without you are only limited by the upstream breaker or fuse in your panel which is likely 15 or 20A which is enough to kill an elephant 10 times over! So although you are capable of running without them the law requires that any receptacles in outdoor or wet environments require you to use them to protect you and anyone who might come in contact with them! Remember that electricity will always take the path of least resistance and 99% of the time that is a person!
  13. Wow, I love them. I already have my plan for my mini's this year. But this is fantastic. How many lights did you end up using on each tree?
  14. That box knife with a hook is what I used! It works the best out of anything I tried, it's quick and makes for tight turns with very little error! I used the coro cutter for making my side pieces for the curves locations. Because in order to curve it you have to slice the slots on one side and the coro cutter is perfect for that! Well done on the how to, too!
  15. It looks like white coro. With my experience the white coro is better for diffusing the light. The translucent coro shows the coro lines worse and doesn't make it glow!
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