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  1. Ted, It most likely had a base, but it is history now.
  2. Thanks, I totally forgot about L.A. Goodman.
  3. Who made this Santa? It is a vacuum form Santa ( stapled and clipped together ) and stands 64 inches tall. He has grommets at his arms to tie him down. I checked Polk Bros. and Noma pictures and they do not match this Santa. Any ideas out there on his maker. Dan Deshaies
  4. Pictures please !! Dan Deshaies
  5. Tom, Do you have pictures of theses molds? PM sent with email address. Dan Deshaies
  6. Carrie, I have all the plastic for the hole, it is still screwed to the book. I went back to look for the wings with no luck in finding them. This house should of been on that Hoarders show with all the crap inside of it. Dan Deshaies
  7. I found this at a estate sale this morning and even though the condition is bad I couldn't leave it behind. I figured even if the hands and book can't be reattached the head, light fixture and the book could be used by someone looking for them. I couldn't find the wings in the 50 - 60 years worth of stuff in the house. I also got a poloron Mary, Joseph and Jesus while there. Dan Deshaies
  8. Tom, I don't know what going to happen with them right now. Dan Deshaies
  9. Chuck, The guys in Rhode Island have something to be proud about. http://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/11598 Dan Deshaies
  10. Thanks for getting back about the pictures. I saw some blowmolds and plywood cut outs but it was hard to take everything in. Dan Deshaies
  11. I saw a couple of candles and the waving Santa. I'll have to replay it again to see if I can spot any more of them. Dan Deshaies
  12. I found these at Goodwill this morning and thought they were cool. They are molded 1988 Blinky at the light socket hole. Dan Deshaies
  13. Darn, I was ready to send money to him. The water in the North Atlantic is way to cold to swim in at this time of the year and I was feeling sorry for him. Dan Deshaies
  14. I got one too ! Where do I send the money ? How much does he need ? I hope he knows how to swim. Dan Deshaies
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