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    Wife loves christmas displays so we have decided to do a computerized one now for 2011.
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    Skydiving, guitar (just learning) and now christmas light displays.
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    Total Newbie, just getting started.
  1. very nice, looks awesome, I to look forward to video.
  2. This is my second year, I work nights and they showed up about 30 minutes after I woke up. Unfortunately they came in the middle of the day... http://www.kndu.com/story/20301110/christmas-displays-are-a-hobby-for-some But hey what the heck!! Hope it brings more people my way as I live about 20 - 30 minutes outside of town.
  3. I wrote up a little guide that covers how to get your Superstar Sequence into LOR sequencer for those of us not using CCR's. First, in Superstar export your sequence that you created. If there is more than one, export them all, make sure you know exactly where you exported your files to. Close Superstar and open LOR sequencer. Insert Device, DMX select number of channels you need. Keeping in mind each pixel is three channels. (for me I created universe one with 468 channels) ( you want to select the next higher number of channels than you actually need) Now go to the first DMX channel, right click it and select change to RGB channel, a window pops up, you can chose how many RGB channels you want. (for me I selected 150) Now you might have some extra DMX channels left over. Right click first left over channel, select convert to group, window pops up, on the second drop down choose the last DMX channel, click OK. (did each universe before starting the next universe, so I had 18 extra DMX channels) Now you will have a group, right click it then select Delete Channel group list, confirm I repeated this 3 times as I will use 4 universes, each universe will use 450 channels. Your milage may vary I then right clicked the first RGB channel and set it as a group of 50, I then renamed it String 1, I did this for all 12 strings. When you create the second DMX universe make sure to change the universe number to 2. Now save as Blank, or what ever, this is your base sequence. Now open up the superstar sequence you exported, you do this, in LOR sequencer. You will now have 2 sequences open that you can switch back and forth between. On your blank sequence, save as, what ever you want. I save mine as the song name. Now you won't mess up your blank one. Now click the superstar sequence, see how long the song is. Go back to your LOR sequence from now on I will call it song sequence. In edit, go to change total time, enter the exact time that the superstar sequence was. Now go to edit again, mouse over timings, go to switch grid timing, click switch to a fixed timing, input .05, from what I can tell this is what superstar sequencer exports as. Now go to your superstar sequence, you should have X number of CCR's Right click a cell for the CCR you wish to copy and click select row. Either click copy at the top or hold down Ctrl then press "C" or right click again over the row and click copy Go back to the song sequence, click the first box in the grid for your string 1 group. Now either click paste up top, or Ctrl V or right click on the row and select paste Repeat until you have done all strings. Save it and your done. It is very important that the time lengths of the two sequences are correct or else it will not line up and your timings will be off. Also before you export from superstar go into Tools, Layout, make sure the location of ribbon controllers are in the correct place! I learned that the hard way
  4. You will be just fine starting out with basic or basic plus, depends on your budget. I have advanced, but I do not believe there is a limit on how many sequences you can have in your show, just limited to how many controllers each level will support.
  5. Snowman, Basic license can support two LOR 16 channel controllers. If you have just the one then basic should work out fine for you.
  6. Family and I are at Disney Hollywood studios in Orlando FL and the spectical of lights show has a ton of RGB pixels. Sorry if it was posted before but two years ago they didn't have them. I'll try to post a pic from home pc in a few days.
  7. All sold. Thank you for your interest!
  8. Here is whats left. 19 Green 17 Red At 6 per strand it comes to $216, will sell all for $200, plus shipping. Thanks!
  9. vvolf27

    Green Lights

    So far Fred Myer and Wal-Mart minis only.
  10. Dave H, Sorry for the delay. These were purchased from Holiday Lights http://www.holidaylights.com/id10581.html I do have someone I am negotiating purchase for all. If it does not go through, I will sell all strands for $350.00 plus shipping. Thank you for your interest.
  11. Hi Planet Christmas members. I have 5mm full wave white wire LED lights for sale. They were used one season. 31 RED available 33 Green available I am completely changing my display for 2012 and no longer need these. 50 LEDs, 25 ft. long, 6 in. LED spacing, 4 in. lead and tail Traditional End to end plugs (connect up to 50 sets together) UV Resistant and waterproof; rated for up to 50,000 hours Water-tight, permanently locked LEDs (non replaceable) If one LED fails, the others remain lit Energy savings = 80% vs. incandescent miniatures Virtually indestructible; less than 7 watts per strand $7.00 per strand. $6.00 per strand for 10 or more. Buyer responsible for shipping. Thank you for looking.
  12. Really depends on your display and how much time you can dedicate to setting up the lights. It gets cold and sometimes snow here in NOV, so I like to have mine set up before the end of OCT. I will have all my lights strung up and ready, then just plug in the controllers and test about two weeks before my planned live event. That way I can work out any bugs. This year I will have 12 rgb strips and will be testing those very soon!
  13. Yeah, thats what I was thinking to, they look better, but price of lights and power draw is up there. I am really set to the max on my boards channel count wise etc.
  14. I just bought a bunch of Red, Green and White lights at Fred Myers for $3.49 per 100 count box, plus used a 10% coupon and saved $.35 a box. I still need about 50 more boxes though.
  15. Thanks for all the advice. LOR addict yes it does, thats what I was meaning in my original post. Just use a three way or two way splitter. Honestly most channels will only have one 100 mini count strand per channel. The roof line will have the most. My trees will have 300 minis of each color, small trees, newly planted so 900 total. They will not be on at the same time. Suggestions for roof line, obviously minis take less power safer amp draw, but do they look nice? Would rope lights be better? House with Garage is 76 feet across and 45 feet deep, if I remember correctly off the top of my head. House is 3 years old, been a bit since I have looked at plans. Last year it took about 6 strands of the little LED berry lights to run the front of the house with garage. So I figure my longest run will be the left side and would need 140 foot run.
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