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  1. Is there any other way to use the strobes besides with a LOR. I have some but havent figured out a way to use them so they not constantly flashing.
  2. haha luckily enough I have none around me!!!
  3. I'm surprised you havent "eliminated" that street light yet!!!
  4. Thanks a bunch! Hoping to animate it next year!
  5. This is a pic of my 12 foot mega tree with my hidden message. Let me know how it looks and if there are any ways to make it better next year! Thanks
  6. Thanks, Thats what I am looking for, nothing fancy!
  7. Welcome! I two am in your shoes. I started looking at PC last year and have gotten tons of advice. This year I have added a 12ft mega tree, Ordered case of presale LED's, icicle tubes, and roof lights, purchased SPT cord, all from ideas from PC. good source
  8. I purchased a 25w 2 channel fader to fade my 12 foot mega tree (16 strands) and a cross (16 strands) on the inside. This fader is to small and just keeps the lights steady on. Does anyone know of a bigger fader somewhere I can buy and also a timer that i can program to come on every so many minutes and then turn off after a predetermined time. I planned on going to LOR next year and was trying to make my Mega tree dazzle instead of staedy on but im stumped.
  9. I hope I can make it this year!! Time available permitting!
  10. I bought one from www.christmasdonebright.com! Although it is a 2 channel fader, I find that it fadea fast even on the slowest setting! Any ideas where to find one that's slower. This one fades every 3 seconds. Trying not to do light o rama!
  11. Same here, I have not had any trouble with email contact with them!! Good Luck!!
  12. Received my first preorder today, and it looks like I need a couple of more things so Thanks for the second order!!
  13. Welcome! I am also a newbie and have learned ton's of stuff reading these forums!
  14. You are right, they are about 12 feet long with spacing about 14" spacing!
  15. They come 5-9" and 5-19" per set for a total of 10. All sealed and water resistant. I got the cool white. They start off at the same rate for about 10 seconds at which they go random. I will attempt to put a video on here shortly!
  16. http://www.aliexpress.com/product-gs/395337488-Mini-Rain-Tube-10pcs-per-set-wholesalers.html
  17. Just received my shipment in! They are well worth the money! I agree BDeditch! Next time I make an order, I will try and find others and save on shipping or look for someone ordering. The more you buy the cheaper per price. All 30 came in in excellent shape.
  18. Thanks for all the info! It looks like I have alot of decision making. Hmmmm netbook for around $150 on amazon might be my solution!!
  19. Just received a sock in the stomach when I just realized that LOR can not be used with MAC. I was planning on doing my first computerized show for 2011. Any suggestions besides getting a new PC?
  20. Aliexpress is what I dealt with! They have escrow payment option which means they do not get your money until you received the product! I have read some bad reviews on alibaba.com! My shipping cost was around $70 through fedex but altogether still a better deal for me! Fed ex shows delivery tomorrow and was shipped from hong kong Monday!
  21. Looks like from everything I read, make sure you use aliexpress.com and use the Escrow pay method! Don't use alibaba.com, not really that secure! My order has been shipped and confirmed with fedex through aliexpress and the seller will not get payed unless you receive item and happy with it!
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