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    Just looking for some tips on my upcoming first time display.
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    Just looking for some tips on my upcoming first time display. I will be purchasing LOR 32 channels in Feb/March.

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  1. Correct.... Maybe a bit excessive , but they look great in the yard. I have 8 of the 3 footers and 8 of the smaller ones in the display this year.
  2. I use 12 inch plastic ground stakes that screw into the ground. I then feed thick metal cable through the holes in the ground anchors and lock them together. It seems to do the trick and gives me some peace of mind.
  3. Just a random thought.......You can prolly just flick them with your finger until the filament pops?!?!?!?
  4. I think that Anthony's suggestion is to use the C9 string as a 25' extension cord with none of the lights on the C9 string energized.
  5. The electrical tape works great for me. It helps me to be able to grab the tree and spin it while I wrap the lights.
  6. I use zipties for pretty much everything. I like using them with the mini-trees just to make sure every last little light is faciing out.... I guess I'm OCD.
  7. I am sure this has been done before, but I just wanted to share my version of the "mini tree" idea: I take (2) tomato cages, zip tie them together and use electrical tape on top. Then I start at the top and "evenly" wrap (2) strands of 200-count multi incandescaents... zip tieing sporadically to hold the lights in place. Then I fill in the gaps with LED lights: (2) 60-count multi, 60-count white, 60-count pink. Here they are lit up I also created some "mini" mini-trees.
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