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  1. Looked even better in person... Cant wait until your Christmas display is up.
  2. GregC

    Led Floods

    Newbie here wanting to know what led flood lights work best with LOR controllers? I can either use screw in bulbs or get new led flood that I can control the color but cost will be a factor. I'm looking to use these in my trees instead of wrapping them with lights.
  3. My youngest son likes this song and I have the music but am looking for a 32 channel sequence as I am very slow at programming in LOR as this is my first year doing it. Thanks
  4. Thats awsome ... gave me some ideas for my display
  5. Great video ... Had some had some defective strings that the light dont work but the power does but did not want to throw them out and i am always looking for a good way to save a little money.
  6. Looks great... The more organized you are when you put away the lights and cords the easier it will be to put up next year even if you are adding new elements to your display.
  7. Voted ... I've seen your house once before you turned the lights off due to traffic. Do you plan to have them on again again this year?
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