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    52 yrs young, married, 5 dogs and a pot bellied pig...
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    Not much to brag about...C9 lights on house ridges, hanging icicle lights on gutters, several blowups, built a 1 dimensional sleigh and my first candy cane...Wife wants more...My front yard is 3 acres so I have alot of room for expansion
  1. Finally I found it....Okay I am listed now
  2. I also have been bitten by the bug AND the wife has asked that I look into the cost to make the lights dance to the music...Heres is my NEED HELP first question with many more down the road: Which LOR is the best one to use and what does it come with? I figured I would start with one 16 channel first...What do ya'll think? BTW I have 3 acres in front of the house to make the dancing...LOL I did an inventory on what I have so far for the display and its about 6000 lights mainly mini's, no LED, some C9... I have a dedicated PC computer to run the program and have downloaded the demo ve
  3. Does anyone have links to videos showing you or teaching you how to run the lights on the wireframes? I have built several wireframes in the barn but just don't have the gift to light them correctly...I end up using alot of blackouts and lots of extra wire...Would it be easier to just cut the wire and splice it ? Any thoughts would really help me get lets see I have 3 Christmas Trees that are 3D I made...They fold up and lay flat but when deployed they are 4 sides...Thanks Folks
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