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  1. I am not sure if I am wasting my time posting this but I have a santa and his sleigh with reindeer from the 60's I am looking to give away if someone can pick it up It needs a little TLC but is still in great shape. It is similar to the one seen in Christmas Vacation. I am in 49441. If anyone happens to see this and is interested let me know.
  2. Seems not many people come around any more. I have a lot of used mini's that I am giving away if anyone might be interested. used only 1 or 2 years yet I have not done a show since 2015 so time for them to go.
  3. You purchase the WOW Christmas package and you are really wasting a lot of money. If your not handy enough to build some of things that they are going to sell then I have to wonder if you have the talents to even carry it off. And your going to find the stuff they are selling is not really that plug and play where it will require so little work for you. If you build your own props this summer they are going to be just as plug and play as what you going to get from them. Of course if money is no object then go ahead but after you fork over that amount to them be ready to fork over more then that to complete your display.
  4. Thanks for helping. I take it the ones from Ray are water proof? Also I see a lot of then are either DC 5v or 12v. What is the difference or your choice? I have had people you if contacted ray directly you could save a little on shipping or will he combine shipping charges? thanks
  5. OK I am trying to figure out this RGB thing. I have a lot of stick trees that I would like to convert over to the dumb RGB nodes next year. I have been trying to do a lot of reading on them but every time I do my head spins trying to figure out exactly what I need and where to get it from. Since I had 600 mini lights of each color on the tree I would like to try 600 nodes on one tree first and see how it looked. Could someone please tell me exactly what I need to purchase to put 600 nodes on that tree and where is the best place to buy the stuff as far as price and reliability. I live in snow and cold so that would have to be a consideration. I also want to be able to tie it in and program it with LOR. I hope someone that has been working with them can easly tell me what I need. thanks Duane
  6. Thanks for the information. That is what I was thinking as far as the amount of time trying to learn about DMX. I am just feeling like not getting involved with it is going to leave me behind the times. I hate thinking doing a display is getting beyond my ability.
  7. I have some of the CCR's from LOR that I used last year. And I see the talk about DMX and dumb light strips and smart strips so started looking into this DMX stuff. From looking at the stuff needed to get a CCR look similar to what I get from LOR I do not see much of a price savings. Am I missing something or can someone give me a comparison.
  8. Well put me down for 50 of the walmart clear and all the walmart green and 24 of the blue.
  9. Is there anyway possible to hook one of those up outside if you built a little box or something for it to sit in? Would the cold weather effect it? Could it be controlled with LOR to turn on and off at certain times. I like the look but do not have a house window to run it out of.
  10. Anyone in MI interested in some used lights and some yard decorations and new odds and ends of lights. Willing to make a great deal to someone looking to add stuff to their display.
  11. I need about 35, boxes of the 5mm led blue lights. If anyone has any they are not going to use would appreciate it.
  12. Trying to Clear out a Few things. All prices plus shipping from 49441 the cheapest way possible. 7 Boxes of 300 count multi mini lights $2.00 a box 2 boxes multi chase lights $3.00 box 2 boxes clear chase lights $3.00 box 24 boxes heavy duty multi net lights $2.50 set 1 box heavy duty Phillips multi icicle lights $2.00 3 boxes Phillips heavy duty 4X8 clear net lights $3.00 each 3 boxes Phillips heavy duty Remains Lit 4X6 nets $3.00 each 1 Phillips clear traingle net lights $3.00 6 of the 100 count clear Spheres- used one season $3.00 each Drop me a message if you are interested in any of the items.
  13. I have a few things I will not be using so will sell to anyone that is willing to pick-up since I don't want to fool with shipping things this size. All items are brand new still in the boxes and are from Home Depot. Ferris Wheel they had a couple of years ago $50 Train $15 Polar Bear $15 All items are for pick-up in Muskegon Michigan and if someone wants all of them will also give a great deal on several other like items I would like to part with.
  14. Yes I am from Muskegon and have already started getting set up.

  15. Someone else from West Michigan? Can it be? I grew up in Grand Haven and live outside of Grand Rapids. I was hoping to find others in this area to share tips, tricks, ideas and experiences with.

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