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  1. Ebay is notorious for scammers. There is a person who sells Target LED snowflakes (24.95) for 89.95 on Ebay. I send him an email about 4-5 times a year asking if the snowflake for sale is the same as the one at Target. ( I know it is) They still have not replied to me...
  2. Good to hear. In most cases it is always a bad led that causes the problems. Glad you worked it out.
  3. Just cancel the auctions. No big deal. The people bidding will get over it.
  4. You have to determine the type of pixels that the wall uses. If they are supported, SanDevices controllers work great with LOR using E1.31 and would be the easiest solution. http://www.sandevices.com/index.html
  5. http://columbus.craigslist.org/for/3636839011.html
  6. Orville, Why don;t you just get over yourself. You are giving this same response on just about every thread you hijack. Stop taking every response everyone makes so personally. It is getting real old. According to you, if someone argues a point you make it is "crapping on your idea" and everyone is "laughing at you." If it happens every time you post, who do you think is truly the problem? Everybody but you? You keep threatening to go into " lurking mode" DO IT! or just shut the hell up and stop being a little bitc#.
  7. Very difficult to do. I was not very good at it when I tried years ago. And I was pretty good at welding steel.
  8. Exactly why I am going with a lot more rgb strips and pixels. Putting this DIY stuff together (soldering,splicing,wiring) is a pain, but it will make setup and tear down much easier.
  9. Shipping is always less than stated on the site. If you email Ray first for a quote he will give you a better price. Right now is a holiday though, so wait a couple weeks.
  10. Mine is not totally down either. It's cold outside with piles of white stuff. It can wait. My 4ft. green "dumb" tree can be seen on my face book page in my signature if any wants to see it.
  11. I have green wire on green trees. Ray also has black wires as well (FYI)
  12. What do you have for sale Brian? Lets talk about it...
  13. And your comments above are what? compliments? I am not trying to feel big. I am a pretty humble person. I am sorry if you can't handle constructive criticism. Good luck with your "business"
  14. Actually, you're wrong. It is VERY MUCH worth $200,000,000,000. BUT, nobody in this Christmas light show industry would be willing to pay that because NOBODY HERE KNOWS ANYTHING DIFFERENT! PURE AND SIMPLE. But you go ahead and keep thinking what you want.
  15. No, my point is the opposite of what you just typed. You may think what you have is worth 200 dollars but if no one buys it......
  16. The real money is made by people who have something worth selling. Buyers will determine what a product service is actually worth, not sellers.
  17. Why do you think the Demented Elf should be charging more?
  18. There are about 8436 other people doing the same thing. Hopefully he wont mind. Here is a link to a good deal for those tubes. (not me) http://www.ebay.com/itm/290686730860?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649
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