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  1. Thanks, pinball/pinball repair - my other hobby - takes a backseat during the holidays.
  2. A few weeks ago someone suggested building a candy cane tree, so thanks for the Idea. I don't have the Wal Mart candy canes, but I do have a few Michael's candy canes from last year. I built this wooden junction with 3/4 inch pvc to clamp the candy canes and plan on putting Velcro around the PVC and candy cane to hold them in place. I will have a tie down rope in the middle of the tree to anchor the entire setup in place. Here are some pictures of what I have done so far. Not the best pics from my phone. Happy Holidays, Mike
  3. I have contacted a few rental companies to determine the possibility of renting a bucket truck in the Washington DC - Northern Virginia area. I am just wondering if anybody out there has any contacts or leads on bucket truck rentals in this area. Thanks, Mike
  4. Last year I bought a roll of galvanized tension wire for fencing from Lowe's. From that I cut my own U clips at any length, it holds all my spt wire down. Good luck
  5. Just completed building a WS2811 pixel matrix and looking for any nutcracker .xml files to put them to the test. Thanks Mike
  6. Anyone willing to share their nutcracker .xml file or have a link for any nutcracker .xml files. Thanks Mike
  7. I caught some of your tutorial last night before my Hotel internet became too slow, I just wanted to say WOW. I haven't upgraded xlights for quite some time, but I must say if your using pixels this is the program to use. Thanks for all your work and dedication. Sincerely Mike
  8. Should be good to go, have a VGA cable that would hook to your converter (mini dvi to VGA).
  9. I will bring two projectors Optoma GT360 and a BenQ722 - the BenQ has the most hours, but is reliable - I have attached photos of the back connectors for each projector. The Optoma has the following inputs: VGA(YPbPr/ RGB/SCART) x1 S-Video x1 Composite Video x1 Mini-jack Audio output x1 RS232 Control Port x1 RCA Audio in x 2 (R & L) The BenQ has the following inputs: D-Sub (VGA) S-Video Composite video input DVI RS-232 Hope this helps, I have cables to connect to a Computer via VGA or DVD player via RCA. I DON't have a S-video, HDMI or DVI cable. Sincerely,
  10. Sent you a PM - bottom line -- no problems - I will bring all the cables, looking forward to the sharing. Thanks, Mike
  11. Andy, I have a projector I can bring to connect to a computer or DVD player - Its an Optoma GT360.
  12. Forgot to provide the link - http://www.witchesinbikinis.com/music.html really kind of catchy
  13. Here's a pic for the top half http://letsgosunning.com/tag/rudolph-the-red-nosed-reindeer/ or maybe this can help http://www.productworksllc.com/productimages/90718.jpg I have the heat miser and snow miser toys and plan on replicating out of foam, but only have so much time for all my projects/hobbies. Good luck, Mike
  14. "Witches in Bikini's" have a few good non-standard Halloween songs
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