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  1. Thanks, pinball/pinball repair - my other hobby - takes a backseat during the holidays.
  2. A few weeks ago someone suggested building a candy cane tree, so thanks for the Idea. I don't have the Wal Mart candy canes, but I do have a few Michael's candy canes from last year. I built this wooden junction with 3/4 inch pvc to clamp the candy canes and plan on putting Velcro around the PVC and candy cane to hold them in place. I will have a tie down rope in the middle of the tree to anchor the entire setup in place. Here are some pictures of what I have done so far. Not the best pics from my phone. Happy Holidays, Mike
  3. I have contacted a few rental companies to determine the possibility of renting a bucket truck in the Washington DC - Northern Virginia area. I am just wondering if anybody out there has any contacts or leads on bucket truck rentals in this area. Thanks, Mike
  4. Last year I bought a roll of galvanized tension wire for fencing from Lowe's. From that I cut my own U clips at any length, it holds all my spt wire down. Good luck
  5. Just completed building a WS2811 pixel matrix and looking for any nutcracker .xml files to put them to the test. Thanks Mike
  6. Anyone willing to share their nutcracker .xml file or have a link for any nutcracker .xml files. Thanks Mike
  7. I caught some of your tutorial last night before my Hotel internet became too slow, I just wanted to say WOW. I haven't upgraded xlights for quite some time, but I must say if your using pixels this is the program to use. Thanks for all your work and dedication. Sincerely Mike
  8. Should be good to go, have a VGA cable that would hook to your converter (mini dvi to VGA).
  9. I will bring two projectors Optoma GT360 and a BenQ722 - the BenQ has the most hours, but is reliable - I have attached photos of the back connectors for each projector. The Optoma has the following inputs: VGA(YPbPr/ RGB/SCART) x1 S-Video x1 Composite Video x1 Mini-jack Audio output x1 RS232 Control Port x1 RCA Audio in x 2 (R & L) The BenQ has the following inputs: D-Sub (VGA) S-Video Composite video input DVI RS-232 Hope this helps, I have cables to connect to a Computer via VGA or DVD player via RCA. I DON't have a S-video, HDMI or DVI cable. Sincerely,
  10. Sent you a PM - bottom line -- no problems - I will bring all the cables, looking forward to the sharing. Thanks, Mike
  11. Andy, I have a projector I can bring to connect to a computer or DVD player - Its an Optoma GT360.
  12. Forgot to provide the link - http://www.witchesinbikinis.com/music.html really kind of catchy
  13. Here's a pic for the top half http://letsgosunning.com/tag/rudolph-the-red-nosed-reindeer/ or maybe this can help http://www.productworksllc.com/productimages/90718.jpg I have the heat miser and snow miser toys and plan on replicating out of foam, but only have so much time for all my projects/hobbies. Good luck, Mike
  14. "Witches in Bikini's" have a few good non-standard Halloween songs
  15. Shanta, I have not used crazytalk myself, but looks like an option for the DIY crowd, there is a lot of talk and info about this program over on the halloweenforum - in that forum they discuss using it to animate busts. I just started playing with Adobe After Effects and now I am working through tutorials. As Disney Fan and Orville state whatever animation option you choose it is going to take a lot of work - I don't think there is as way around it (I've tried). Basically I see two options, put tons of hours into your own project or buy a animation which someone has already put tons
  16. I too had problems with Purple lights this year, seems like they don't like dimming, or on and off. No problems with any other colors just purple.
  17. Betsie, Welcome to the group, I am also in the NOVA area, I have only been Christmas decorating for a few years - if you have any questions feel free to ask. Regards, Mike
  18. I ordered lights from Holiday-light-express on Tuesday and I had them by Friday...Great service fast and reliable. Would definitely order from again. Thanks, Mike
  19. I understand how most people feel about HOA's, but I have a great HOA - our monthly dues are low and take care of neighborhood community areas such as gardening, cutting down dead trees, taking care of the community pool (upkeep), sponsoring the neighborhood swimteam, paying for burgers and hotdogs at the spring and fall community potluck picnic. Then during Christmas they sponsor a neighborhood hay ride and Christmas house decorating contest which has several categories to include childrens choice, best traditional lighting, and honorable mentions - each house gets a sign honoring the se
  20. I attended the one day course last year near Baltimore, while it was interesting, it only gave an introduction into the world of LOR sequencing. The instructor also demonstrated some other new LOR products such as the cosmic color ribbon. While I enjoyed the class and time was used wisely, there just wasn't enough time to get into the abilities and functions of LOR sequencing and programming, if you are using LOR now the class may give you some tips you are not aware of. If you are new to LOR be prepared to learn - alot. Regards, Mike
  21. Hello all, I would love to attend this year as well, last year was my first animated year and looking forward to growing, learning, and making some new friends. Mike Chantilly, VA
  22. I just started using LOR and synchronizing lights to music in 2011, so I began researching information and common practices for Halloween displays and Christmas light shows via the internet. This led me to great websites such as planetchristmas, halloween forums, and Hauntcast. Hauntcast was/is a great program that broadcasts bimonthly shows regarding halloween practices - however it seems they may disappear forever if they do not get subscribers for their show by March 8 2012. If anyone is interested please visit Hauntcast.net I hate to see such resources pass away. I was not hired by
  23. I think Darlene is talking about the Blisslight Spright, they were demo'd by Blisslights and sold through Reinders, but as you mentioned I could not find them on the Reinders website and Bliss doesn't mention the price. If you email Reinders for a price they will most likely respond, they always come through for me with quick quotes and great products. I have used the outdoor spright inside for my parties and outside during Halloween and Christmas, they are rugged and add a little something to the display. They are mentioned here http://www.blisslights.com/index.php?option=com_content&a
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