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  1. That scarecrow works, we bought it for deer in the garden.
  2. If it isn't freezing where you live, one of these would be so funny to hit that sucker stealer with: http://www.amazon.com/Contech-CRO101-Scarecrow-Activated-Sprinkler/dp/B000071NUS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1388177925&sr=8-1&keywords=motion+activated+sprinklers
  3. I wonder if the warm ones would closely match the incandescent lights, those are really cool
  4. KarenW

    Feel Horrible

    Wine is a lot healthier than balogna... Glad it all worked out for you with the lost money claim.
  5. KarenW

    Feel Horrible

    Google her, check for news stories, facebook, twitter etc pages. That may give you enough information.
  6. Wad up notes like this and throw them away, why give them any attention at all?
  7. Just an FYI about Paypal. If you fund your Paypal purchases with a credit card only, you will always get refunded if something goes wrong, this is because you can file a chargeback through your own credit card company and Paypal knows this. Check your card terms, the length of time that you have to file varies. I have never not been refunded even using the balance or a bank account, but if it is a large purchase, be sure to use your credit card only to fund the purchase for added insurance.
  8. Ours is a 20ft without the star. My husband used an old TV antenna welded to an 8ft metal ring that we got from a friend that does a lot of work with cable. It is half of one of the spools that the cable came on. 32 strands of 100ct mini lights plus 32 strands of 20ct mini lights, it is around 27 feet of lights I think. He used 8 guy wires from the base of the tree to the top. This is just electric fencing wire and the lights are zip tied to it. We used 16 channels on the tree. I'll measure how far between strands at the base and get more daytime pictures tomorrow. http://s
  9. Yes it makes me very sad too. Just about to go out and work on tearing down, I removed some things last week. Been trying to get a peanuts inflatable dry all week, I forget it every night, dew falls I have to wait again lol Still have a zillion extension cords and the stuff that is anchored with rebar and zip ties to go.
  10. Here they have a whole big pile of 7ft pre lit artificial trees so we will keep checking, would love to have a tree line:) Thanks for the great answers here.
  11. Big Lots is currently at 50 percent off here, does anyone know if they go to 75 percent off? or more?
  12. We had the wind, at least gusts to 55, didn't lose anything but somehow the Holdman Star got turned a little bit. Still not sure how because we had guy wires and rebar pounded into the ground and bent over the metal base. At one point it was rocking so we ran out and stuck another guy wire up higher.
  13. Is it perfectly legal to run your water sprinklers all night long ever so slightly slapping the side of her car?
  14. I am so glad I am not the only late one! I am hoping to get it all going tomorrow.
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