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  1. First off, I had great transactions with MITS last year. I ordered quite a few strands of lights. All were of excellent quality. That being said i am hoping that the case pricing is less expensive than the listed single stand pricing. If not I am seriously looking into buying all RGB nodes and controllers.
  2. My lights came in today. Lights look good. Have not tested them all but i am very happy so far. Thanks Ryan.
  3. I also sent in FedEx account number over a month ago and have not received lights yet. So the Fedex account is not the only factor. Size of order may be the biggest factor. I am still patient though. I think Ryan's communication has been awesome and with all the positive responses from those that have received their lights I have no doubt that I will get mine and soon. Looking forward to buying more lights from MITS in the future.
  4. Ryan, Sent account number via PM. Can you confirm. Also I sent first email by clicking the "send email" link on your "planetchristmas.com" profile. Is this a bad email address?
  5. Just sent Fedex account to your email. Please confirm.
  6. How many lights did you have? Was that using Fed-Ex ground?
  7. John I believe all of us that paid in full during the pre-sale were given %5 percent extra product in the form of "Magic Money". Is this the rebate you are speaking of. I was unaware of a rebate on shipping costs.
  8. Ryan, Do you have an update? I know you are probably really busy with the sorting.
  9. Bill, Do you have a picture of the jig you used to build concentric stars. I'm about to build at least four and it would be great to hear how you actually built them. As i look at the pictures you provide closely it seems you bent some of the metal and welded others. To bend can I use a torch similar to what you would use for soldering copper pipe(small propane tank and torch kit). Again if you have time to explain the process it would be extremely helpful. Thanks.
  10. zman, I bought a Chauvet Splash 200B from Ebay for $109 free shipping to try out. Thanks for the info. Great enclosure idea. I can just tell my wife I am not working on Christmas lights, I'm planting flowers for the spring. As far as the dimming, the manual states do not plug it into power that has been dimmed, but your right it has dimming capability via DMX commands.
  11. zman, I read the chauvets do not have ability to be dimmed. Does this cause a problem? How many linear feet of wall can you wash with them? What enclosure do you place them in to seal them from the elements?
  12. From what i have read on forums if you are using LOR software you need to have LOR idmx. If using LSP or Vixen you can control with DMX dongle.
  13. Bob. I have just purchased 8 Renard 24SS boards after researching LOR, Renard and others on several different boards. Mainly for the cost per channel advantage. Why are you switching to Renard?
  14. I have looked ar Vflood, rainbow flood but some are using just conventional ac flood lights. What are the pros and cons of led vs. AC floods? What specific floods are you using?
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