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  • Birthday 09/25/1957

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  • My favorite Christmas story
    is when I was ten and I got up in the middle of the night and found a Daisy BB gun beside the Christmas tree. Then when I awoke in the morning it was gone. Dad saw me go down the hall to the Christmas tree and knew I had seen the BB gun. He hid it from me to teach me a lesson. Boy, did I learn. Everyone got a big laugh from it except me!
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    Ocala, FL
  • Biography
    Newby, trying to get up and running. Kids now out of house and want to have some fun for myself and wife while we're able.
  • Interests
    Serving Jesus Christ, kids, job, usual stuff. Hobbies: Golf if it wasn't so expensive. Outdoor sports, wood working, working with my hands.
  • Occupation
    Occupational Therapy
  • About my display
    Nativity, basic static lights with icicles, make believe (my version) mega tree. Want to get things moving etc.

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