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  1. I find it interesting that you have to beat up on Inflatables to promote the idea of blow molds. Also, you can only see inflatables at night? Check this date time photo out http://www.twistedvegas.com Why bash other things?
  2. Looks like Gemmy is releasing a lot of new items for Christmas this year. Going to be hard to make some choices. Already have more than we can put out.
  3. Looks good. I Think we are going to pick up a couple more this year to add to the display. Thanks for sharing!
  4. You can use what they call "Rip stop Nylon" to make inflatables. Also look at the Nylon they use for making wind breaker jackets. You can get both at most any major fabric store. My wife uses it to patch ours.
  5. I have to admit, I love the products I buy that Gemmy makes........ BUT I buy them knowing that either they work or they don't. If it does not work right out of the box I take it back. I never plan on depending on Gemmy for any type of service. They don't stock parts, they don't have inflatables or lights at their place in Texas. If I can not fix it myself I part it out to repair other Inflatables. Because we have over 150 Gemmy items we just live with it. We do our best to buy most of them after the holidays at a discount and test them right when we get home so we know what we are dealing with. There are other companies like this and most of them I won't buy their products but honestly Gemmy is the best when it comes to Inflatables. I have been liking the Inflatables that Yard Inflatables is producing also. Their product has held up well and their prices are good on the ones they make. If he would expand his offerings I could see him taking over the Inflatable business here in the States.
  6. Most inflatables have a C-7 in them. We have changed most of ours from incandescent to LED but have found it is hard to find a bulb bright enough to light the big ones up. It works but you will need to figure out what C-7 LED is bright enough to do a good job.
  7. This is common when packed away with moisture in them. Set them up, run them so they are dry than wipe them out with a wet cloth and mild detergent and they will be alright. Something like a weak solution of dish detergent and you will be ok. Keep them running once you are done until they are completely dry.
  8. You have to do what works for you but I personally am not going that way. I don't like the flatness of cutouts myself. Each year I have a puffy die but since I have over a 100 of them I can't really complain that much. Most of the time I just fix them and move on.
  9. I have 18 Solar Yard lights. I love them BUT!!!!!! They don't last all night in most cases. I have some of the better ones that in the summer will last about 8 hours. In the winter time they don't last long at all depending on where they are in the yard. They don't get as much sun so they cut way back on their time at night. Some of them less than two hours. That is what you would have to deal with. Just how much hot direct sun they get during the day.
  10. Yep, that is a great deal for anyone in that area. We have one and people love it.
  11. On the top right of the page where your name shows click and go to your profile. Then on the top right of your profile click on "edit profile". Then on the left go to the "signature" area and edit what you want shown here.
  12. There is still one on Amazon There are some on Ebay also. Found some even cheaper on HSN Different name but appears to be the Gemmy product. Looks just like the ones we have.
  13. We have 21 of them in our display for the last two years with no problem. Once they drop that price more, which they will we plan on adding about 20 more.
  14. As you have now found out, it is all about the smiles! Good for you and thank you for making many people have a great Christmas.
  15. We went to Lowes and Kmart here in Vegas yesterday. They did not have any inflatables and almost out of everything else. Ended up buying nothing.
  16. As programmers I am sure many saw different things that could have been done with that massive display. BUT..... I am betting the owner of that display was not making it for programmers and that all the people that do go see it think it is the best there is. The displays we all do are for our self and the people we bring joy to each year. That is all that counts.
  17. I am not as high tech as most of you when it comes to our display. I welcome the comments from other decorators but honestly the only thing that matters to us is the 1000's of smiles we see from the people that come by each year and see it in person. That is what our display is all about. Not trying to keep up with anyone else or setting it up the way someone else thinks it should be. We do what we enjoy that makes those happy that visit us.
  18. Very nice. Thanks for sharing!
  19. We thought about going black tonight then decided that it would be better to do the same as you, the show needs to be there now more than yesterday. After what happen today people need some brightness in their lives.
  20. Something that many in sales forget in todays world is there is always another Vendor you can deal with. They are NOT the only one. You are doing right, vote with your checkbook. Buy what you need from someone that WANTS your business and takes care of you. We have experienced this a few times in the past and in the end, we always come out as the winner.
  21. See if THIS MOTOR will work for you. If it is a Gemmy that should do it.
  22. Try this: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Authoring-tools/Digital-Album/Kodak-EasyShare-Software.shtml Read it before downloading to see if it is going to do what you need.
  23. In your post you seem to worry a lot about what "others" are doing. More lights, inflatables, some kid in another town. Why did you do this in the first place? In our case it was never about what anyone else did. It was all about the 1000's of smiles we see each year from kids and old alike. As you, we have declined being on shows. After talking to them they are always heading for the "crazy Christmas guy" type thing and that has never been what we are about. Our display is not about us, it is about the decorations and the joy that 1000's get from them each year. That is what keeps our interest each and every year. You have to do what makes YOU happy. If worrying about what everyone else is doing spoils the fun for you than don't worry about them. If you just don't get any excitement from the 1000's that you bring joy to each year then you need to hang it up. Look for the real reasons you are not excited anymore and either do something about them or bring it to an end. Life is to short to not be happy with what you do. Good luck with your decision. I know it is a hard one to make.
  24. Many have 1000's of people see their decorations each year. The thing is most of us don't know just how special those decorations might be to just one person. We all have our own reasons for what we do but those reasons don't matter to that one special person that might be part of the crowd. It is all about the smiles.
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