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  1. I really like the song because its different. Can it be purchased somewhere?
  2. I like the way you cut it up. Great Job. It seems to hold everyone's attention !
  3. I used the fake owl but it didn't seem to work very well. Then I hung alot of home made 18 inch round ornaments out of my trees on fishing line and the wind kept them moving a little. It worked, no varmits.
  4. Same here . Over 120 strings from MITS. No failures.
  5. I find most people like the faster songs. By the way, great looking display.
  6. That is a fun site. I will do it for my grandson. Thanks for posting.
  7. Keep all your connections off the ground if possible. Also use child protector caps on all open plugs. ( or tape )
  8. Odie

    Pasadena, Tx

    I'm a newbie too and just down the road from you. I'm in Lomax. Are you doing a show this year?
  9. Hey Doug , if this is your design on the 4 inch pvc, I copied it. Thanks It looks great
  10. The Eclipse 4000 is no longer available.
  11. So what do ya'll use to poke the lights through? Ice pick, drill bit ???????
  12. Planning on coming but things may change so don't want to register beforehand.
  13. I think your just the lucky one. No problems here.
  14. The Howard Johnson is 62.50 per night so its probably not a mint on your pillow kinda place ! lol
  15. Howard Johnson for me but I don't know anything about it.
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