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  1. $99? Darn it! LOL - that's the best deal I've hear of....
  2. Here is what we did for my Father-in-Law who passed away suddenly last year. Kevin Dunn did the voice over with backing track: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4922861518226&set=vb.101923163197638&type=3&theater
  3. I prefer sp2 cord over sp1 cord. What vendors currently carry full 1000' rolls that are reasonably priced? I usually use Christmas Light Show but it says "out for the season" under the picture of the 1000' foot rolls. I don't want to pay a premium for the shorter rolls as well as more shipping. Any suggestions?
  4. Dan is correct. I welded aluminum for about a year at a sign shop. The mig welder setup is quite different and the aluminum wire is soft and needs to be "pulled" by a spool gun, rather than ""pushed" through the liner to the handle and contact tip. I personally don't like the weight of the spool gun. It takes some getting used to. The correct method for aluminum welding is "spray arc", but real thin metal can be "contact" welded like a regular mig (but it's a bit sloppy and you have to "stitch" it). The shield gas is 100% argon. Unless your constructing something really special, I think setting up for aluminum welding is a pain. If you try to use regular mig wire (rated for carbon steel), you will just blow the aluminum away and disintegrate it.
  5. You are awesome Kevin - the tribute you did for us this year was absolutely beautiful. It makes my eyes water a bit.
  6. Thanks - I followed Brian Mitchells Fan tutorial about 5 years ago and it's been a nice display item. I am adding some struts and re-stringing the whole thing now. Hopefully I'll get 5 more years out of it. Love your cool choice of song too.
  7. Steve - if you were really trying to give him constructive criticism or help in any way, wouldn't it be more productive to send him a pm rather than engaging in an argument in a forum thread? He posted this under "announcements". Unasked for advice is always received as criticism.
  8. Marley - I do something similar with ropelight. Towards the end - kinda looks like it's "shooting" from the roof: http://vimeo.com/55144003
  9. Seems most people will spend $1000's of dollars on blinky lights, then go cheap on everything else - lol. Kevin's prices are hard to beat and his work is top notch. I agree though - I believe his services are worth more than he's charging. I'm NOT complaining though - I use him every year. Best wishes on your project. Sequences and custom sequencing has become very competitive and the pricing is way down. I have maintained a small customer base entirely outside of Planet Christmas and for me personally - I won't take work if the price is less than minimum wage - it doesn't make sense. What's your time worth? I guess it's hard to separate the hobby from the money-making aspect of animated lights.
  10. I'll take the red minis if you are willing to split them up. Can you give me a price shipped to 16417?
  11. Interested in new clear, red and green 100 count on green wire. Let me know...
  12. GE makes a pretty good grade of lights. I've had GREAT success using thei LED's as well.
  13. I think if people who aren't in competition with anyone else, and really go to the trouble of setting up a decent animated show with LOR type products for the fun aspect, will enjoy setting up an animated show. I don't think that LOR has lost the wow factor. Let's face it, the technology for residential light shows is out there now, albeit at a steep cost. Look at the price tag for the full versions of Madrix and Lightshow software. If you are on a budget and are trying to compete with someone who has an unlimited amount of disposable income, you're going to lose every time. Do the best you can with what you can.
  14. Next on any green and red 100 ct strands - I'm ready to buy!
  15. SPT-2 is rated for 10 amps. It's a good choice if you have a few items in your display that pull a bit more current.
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