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    Just started with a Mr Christmas Indoor Lights and Sounds (outside under a bucket) ;) Want to do MORE!
  1. I purchased this dvd on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/JON-HYERS-SPIDERS-SNAKES-BATS-DVD-SOLD-ITSELF-/220934464113?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3370b86271 Excellent quality. Various projections of Snake(s) on floor, Spiders crawling, and Bats flying. You can project down at an angle onto a floor and appears there is a snake or snakes appearing and crawling off to one side. Looks Great! The spiders and be projected huge up on a slanted roof, Bats flying on a wall. Highly Recommended! Well worth the money! Also grabbed the Virtual Santa...can be projected on something as simple a
  2. I left for vacation from Dec 17th till Jan 2nd...My brother was house-sitting, but knew nothing about display except main power source to disconnect if something went wrong... Whilst was away...lights did not come on one night...told brother to check in garage where we are harboring some semi-feral cats...they had unplugged the source. Problem resolved...dusk + 6 hour timer back on...Lightshow engaged.
  3. These are Awesome! Wish I had a projector! Or even a decent Window! Just tall thin windows on either side fireplace with big bush blocking. But...If I can find a projector...maybe the greenhouse shed window....Hmmmm? 8)
  4. That looks Great! Any thoughts on projectors that I can have outside? What type enclosure? How do I get rid of the line thru my text?
  5. Tim_L on this forum has a great sale: Great Prices, Great to deal with! Used red Netlights Commercial Grade LED - $ 15.00 - These are 150 ct lights I think Used green Netlights Commercial Grade LED - $ 18.00 - These are 150 ct lights I think Used blue Netlights Commercial Grade LED - $ 18.50 - These are 150 ct lights I think 12 or less of each New red Netlights Commercial Grade LED - $ 19.00 - These are 150 ct lights I think New green Netlights Commercial Grade LED - $ 22.00 - These are 150 ct lights I think New blue Netlights Commercial Grade LED - $ 22.50 - These are 150
  6. Awesome Display! Hope to someday have one a tenth as visually exciting!
  7. I have had the MBB v6000 since March...at first I wasn't thrilled...just range enough for straight in front of my house (about 60 feet)...then I purchased the 33" antenna and range went up quite a bit! I can now get clear signal about 100 feet each way up and down the street...probably more with proper antenna placement. No where near the advertised range, but fine for my purposes. I read people dissing it because it supposedly broadcasts only in mono...but it sounds fine on my car radio driving up and down the street.
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