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  1. mike we had a major prob. with my wifes dog not good.... I cannot make it this is important to her as are my lights but if I have to choose its her dog. peace in the family
  2. Sorry Mike ithe PM was for laser633 But I was going to pm you because I have a bin of 6 - 15 foot ex. cords I would like to set some place so people can grab some for free. Do you have a place?
  3. go to this link http://www.lightshowpro.com/blogs/admin/93-minleon-purchase-industry-s-premier-rgb-light-show-pro-software.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=lsp_sync That would explain why he pulled the sale
  4. He is out of town, but the people I refered to LSP are not willing to spend $400.00 on software for their displays.( that is for Pro version ) $ 249.00 For 8192 channels. They were going to buy the Pro @ $ 229.00. One of the people that I referred sent me a link to HLS software which is free. It looks pretty good, Haven't had much time to play with it yet, I have read some good things about it though on different forums. 2 things that stood out 1) it doesn't tax you processor as hard as LSP 2) It works with Nutcracker
  5. Checked on another site, and one of the posts said that LSP had to pull the sale to fix some software buga and it should be back up within a week. that was on the 20th. Hope they fix it soon as alot of people are trying to buy it at the sale price.. Basic version: Now $69 Advanced version; $149 Professional Version:$ 229 That is what the sale should be with a free upgrade to 2.5
  6. I posted on LSP forum, as I have recommended LSP to a coulpe of people and that it was on sale. They are saying the same thing. I went to the site and the prices are the same before the sale posting. It was on sale last week.
  7. Yes you are correct it was Invasion of the Christmas lights in 2010 the person was an older man and the thing that stands out is he had made a river with lights and jumping fish. I would just like the intro as I like the way he had started it
  8. does anyone know the song that was used on extreme christmas lights show 2010. I think the guy using the music I am interested in is named Bill. My DVR crashed and I am only going on memory
  9. Light Factory Pro seems to be a little pricey, and as far as I can tell it doesn't support E1.31.
  10. Unless I missed it what kind of price are you asking ?
  11. I will check in the AM and see what they have as far as colors I just saw that they wre all incandesants . I also forgot to mention c7 and c9 too
  12. I went to an estate sale and came across thousands of incan. white lights. some new and lots in bins. Tons of wreaths some six foot in diameter, and wire frame sleigh and reindeer, the big ones. I is going on til tommorow 4/22 . switched to leds, otherwise I would have bought alot. It went on til 4:00 I was there at around 1:30 not much interest in them , the guy watching it said. I did score on tons of extention cords tons more still left . If anyone is inerested post it and I will get the address.
  13. In the end its each person own choice on what they use, as long as they have the information to make informed decisions then i dont care what they use because the end result is the same and that is the magic that is created at christmas time. That statment is right :P As far as your comment that is also pretty much correct. Now after much research, I found the lynx equipment right for me. Yes it is limited to their equiment, but I look at it this way, If I have problems with lets say smart strings working with a controller,( the whole system is designed to work togeather ) trouble shooting will be much easier. There are strips, square nodes, strings ect. available to make any project you want . If you buy from a online vendor, you could lose alot of money quick if you order the wrong stuff or create alot of headaches for yourself. Mind you lynx is not the only system that is self contained but I personally chose it because I like where they are going with the rgb movement ( my opinion ) Plus I get to build every piece of equipment I use in my display. How cool is that That might not be for everyone though.
  14. [ The main thing i do not like about the RJ pixel net is that it does not follow a standard like DMX and E1.31] NOt sure where you got that from, but here is some information for you. In it's most basic form it is a device that with the correct firmware loaded takes information in the form of E1.31DMX over Ethernet protocol and provide either 2048 channels of DMX ( 4 Universes ) out, Or 16384 Channels of PixelNet ( 4 Universes ).
  15. Let me say this is not going to turn into a *** for tat, but if you want to compare silicones, I build aquiriums for fun and this i knowt for example : silicone one from ge or silcone 2 what is the difference? siicone 1 is 100% pure silicone2 has mold resistance chemicals. lets just say if i use # 2 fish will be dead. so saying that what does it do to our wires? anybody can claim their product is better but when it comes down to proving it thats another story. so now lets talk about hot glue, dmoore puts all his stuff together with hot glue as we all do with coro which we , and there are different formulas for that but people buy whatever no problems. As far as the liquid electrical tape good stuff!!!!! use heat shrink tubing and use that with heat shink tubing. I bought 2 rolls of 100 ft each for around 15.00 total from mpja. Seal it with liquid tape done!! As far as the color if it bothers you grab some plastic paint and spray it .the last thing is ray wu last year i wanted some 5050 modules and i got a price of .94cent each, not including shipping so i started looking and found 200 smd modules for157.00 shipped (still Have link) and they showed them soaking in a tank .can you figure out what i did ? lol All I hear is ray wu ..... what happens if he is no longer there ( all eggs in one basket OOPS!!!) ENOUGH SAID
  16. so basically, we would use your software to add the effect we want then import it to our software and the hard part of the programming is done for a tree? also I too would like to know the minimal amount of strings a person can use, I have 2 - 8' tres planned for this year and was going to use 12 - 16 srtrands of led lights. If it is that easy the strings will be RGB depending on the amount. From the looks of the models, the strands go up and down. Will that still produce a spireal or if you want spirals, then you have to hang them on your tree that way? thankyou joe
  17. I saw somewhere to use Hot glue so i tried it. works good . And FYI the newest standard for lights from china ip68 waterproofing
  18. I am trying to figure out wich controler I want to use. My question is this all three go blinky flashy dim does any of them do some thing special to the lights. T he thing you need to do after reseach, is then look at what dirrection you want to go. Some of the more reasonable cost controllers require assembly. Now start adding up the equipment to build the boards, ( soldering station, solder, programmer for chip, ect. ) Then the time to build them. Now if you are planning on going towards rgb that is a whole different direction that would change the equipment used . I started out with LOR, but am now going to lynx for the flexibility I am looking for.
  19. I is a great read..... But I am curious why in the controller section you only list 2 brands . There are more all with advantages and disavantages depending on what you are trying to acomplish.
  20. t.jo13


    To start with you need strobes, I prefer the strobes from http://www.Christmaslightshow.com and some people prefer CDI strobes. I have both, but the christmas light show strobes seem to be brighter.(My opinion) They cost a little more though. As far as wire, both places have wire and sockets. c-7 or c-9 size is up to you. I use c-9 because that is mostly the size bulbs i have.
  21. are led strings with prewired controllers 12 volt and if sso can i use the srings on a controller( lor ect.)
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