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    i'm not that interesting. Looking forward to getting married and having the best display!
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  1. Sorry Dano. I did not construct these myself, I purchased them.
  2. Does anyone have LOR sequences they would share for LED video curtains? I'd especially like Easter ones, so I can have them in my Easter display. I have two curtains, but I would take a sequence for just one if I could double it. These just arrived and I have no idea how to program them. I'm sure I won't be able to learn by Easter so if anyone has sequences to share I would thank you.
  3. SantaJoe


    I'm getting ready to put out my Easter blow molds. Maybe this weekend. I'm really hoping my LED curtains get here in time. I'd really like to debut them for the most important day of the year.
  4. I've had our Church put a notice in the bulletin. I hope they will do it again for me this year despite all that has happened.
  5. I don't use GFCIS anymore, but there's a difference between the breaker tripping, and the GFIC tripping. My GFICS tripped all the time, but when we had regular outlets put in, the breaker didn't trip. I'm being told elsewhere that this is unsafe, maybe it is, but I don't think new outlets are going to change anything. You could have 100 breakers and outlets and if you're tree is in water the GFICS will trip.
  6. Why is that not safe? If the breaker didn't trip, you didn't overload anything.
  7. Brandon, be careful. If you ask someone for a blow mold other than what is offered there are some who will torment you. I recommend sending a PM to the seller, that is what I do now. I hope you can learn from my mistake.
  8. I keep telling my wife I need to try the Ebay! One more reason!
  9. Paul that is great! Are you able to reuse the "snow" or do you have to buy new each year?
  10. I have been warned that some people here are trying to get me to say something that will get me banned from Planet Christmas. For that reason I am done with this thread. I asked a question and got an answer. I have learned. For those who answered my question without causing trouble, thank you.
  11. Look, I do not mean to drag anyone's name through anything. I have been warned that there are bad apples here. Some I have experienced myself. Some I have read what they wrote. Some I was warned about. I will tell everyone what I told this blow mood seller. I am not slandering anyone. All your past posts are there for anyone to read as I did. I did not make anyone say anything, you have created your own reputations.
  12. Carrie S, if you had read my post, I am new. I am sorry (wrong thread! I know!) for asking what everyone send to think is a dumb question. I am new. If I don't know something I ask. Now I know. I do not know why you think I mean to slander anyone. That is not true. Yes I had a misunderstanding with someone today. I do not agree with how he acted, but that is between him and me (and God.) Clearly you are friends with him. That is OK. I already had an idea what type of people he was friends with.
  13. Guys, please help. I wanted to alert everyone to a problem I have had and hope that you can avoid it. I was trying to buy a blow mold from a member at PC. This is not a store, this is just one person who has blow molds to sell. I do not know how he got them if he is not a store, I did not think to ask. But the problem is, I thought since he wasn't a store, he would send me the blow molds and then I would pay for them once they got here and were in good shape. But he said that it doesn't work that way. He said I should send him the money first and then he would send me the blow molds. Is this how it works? I have never bought anything online from a person not a store. I have never used the Ebay. Please help I am new to all this!
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