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  1. I thought I pm you I still have more please pm me for costs. Herb
  2. I still have several demo snow machines for sale. They are 120 Volt 12 cubic inch per minute discharge. Wired and wireless remotes and DMX controlled. I will include 1 gallon of snow fluid with the unit. More fluid available.
  3. They are a new brand that Animated Lighting is carrying. They are 120 volt, wired remote, wireless remote, dmx controlled. they put out 12 cubic inchs per minute. they have a 2 speed blower and put out flakes from 1/4" to 1" size. With no wind it throws out about 20' get some height and a breeze it will carry 100' or more.
  4. I have 8 new snow machines that were used as demo's for a customer. They have a wired remote with volume control, DMX controlled and wireless remote. These are commercial sized units and work great. If interested PM me for details. the cost are $ 200.00 each
  5. All leds are white in appearance,when they do nothave powerapplied. The cost per color is as simple the cost to produce them red being the cheapest to make then blue, green than white being the most expensive as it takes a red, green and blue led to produce a white led all in the same housing. The Big Box stores probably average out the cost to keep it simple. User of over 200,000 leds
  6. You will find that somewhere in the string the cord is pulled out of a socket or plug. That is the only way they will go out.
  7. After having my show up and running for 3 weeks with a few minor correction and looking pretty good. I find out this afternoon my daughter had been contacting a local TV station andthey were going to send their news chopper out to put the display on the evening news. So I rushed home and added a 9th controller that I had programed but never install the last of the lights and fired up the show early to make sure that all was fine. This is were someone needed to hit me in the head with a 2 x 4. I use a contactor to turn on the power for all of the controllers that is wired to the a sub panel
  8. I agree with the power savings. Last year I was running around 70 amps with about 45k of minis. This year 50k leds all running on 2 15 amp breakers pulling 8 amps each. That hard to beat.
  9. The problem with the 6.99 leds andI bought the west valley home depots out they are not the same quality as the commercial ones.I bought about 1500 - 70 count strings from AL and maybe had a 1 in a 500 DOA but I had 1 in about 25 Doa with home depot brand. If you want to see some in the valley mostly the west side. Litchfield Park, Metro Center area, Goodyear, and Verado Area all 100% led displays from 5,000 to 50K. Everyone loves the colors. Herb
  10. The leds produce the the color in the led if you were to pull of the cap all of the lights look white or clear but the produce the color. That is why the cost varies for the colors ( not the Home Depotones) but the higher quality leds. Red are the cheapest and white the most costly due to it takes a red, blue and green led to produce a white color. The caps are also colored and are used to defuse the light to takes some of the harshness's out of the bulb. There are always trade offs with anything. The leds won't fade like the blue and green mini that in Arizona are only good for 1 year aft
  11. I am running a 100% leds display using Al controllers and the look great. If you by the good leds the fade and the whites don't look like HID headlights. But the good lights are still pricey. I have about 42k on my display. 30k at a resort display. 32k at a small town display and everyone loves the bright colors. The other advantage is that my display is running off 2 - 15amp breakers and not even close to tripping. We are even dealing with the local power company about a add for them because of the lights.
  12. I built a 33' to the top of the lights 38' to the top of the star. 48 strings with 4 colors ofleds. I have a unique mount I bought a genie man lift at an auction this summer it goes to 22' and theI added a 11' weld square tube extention. nice thing about it if the wind kicks up i can drop it down to about 15' when the winds die down hit the switch and run it back up. I will take a shot and post it.
  13. I don't have them all up yet but the strings that are ready to go total. 13,440 on 30' mega tree 21,560 on fence, catus and eaves 9,600 on 12mini's 2,600 yard animals, stars, ect 12spots 47,200 total 100%LEDSno amp draw yetI will post it went I get it.
  14. I guess I don't know how goodI have it. One of the problems I have is what sunscreen to use.We a forecasted to be in the mid 80* for the next2 weeks and no rain in site till nextyear. We only get 71/2" per yearand we have not had that for 4 years. So I feel bad for the rest of you in the cold country. But I do know what is like I escaped from northeast Ohio about 21 years ago. Good luck
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