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  1. What a blessing they both are, thanks for sharing Ted!
  2. they work fine with LOR, I've used this brand for a few years.
  3. Headed to Home Depot now, I ordered 40 boxes of the 100 count multi last night for $5.58 each and just got the text that the order is ready !!
  4. Temps. in the mid 60's yesterday in Ohio (all the snow melted away). Tore down the whole display - very sad, but here's to next year !
  5. Bill helped me a few times, great guy, he will be missed. I'll be dimming my lights in honor.
  6. Thanks for the heads-up! Doesn't sound like this one will be much fun. Looks like we'll get it here in the Columbus area too - ugh.
  7. All the roof lights are tested and sorted. Hanging all the roof lights tomorrow afternoon !! Stay safe all.
  8. HD in Columbus went 75% off today and I scooped up 15 more Multi LED Icecicle lights for $2.78 a box, 10 3piece White LED Twig Trees $4.99 each. 5 6' Angels for $19.97 each, 18" spiral driveway trees x8 for $4.99 each. Big Lot's - 8 White LED rope lights (18 foot) for $9.97, 10 LED Multi 18' Rope lights also for $9.97. All in all not a bad New Years day here in Ohio.
  9. Hi I would like the sequence too please. email is [email protected] Thank you & God Bless
  10. It was a sad day in Ohio as well Only found: 4 Cool White LED Icecicle from Walgreens - 50% off ($4.99 each) 10 Multi LED Icecicle from Home Deport - 50% off ($5.73 each) 2 Heavy 3 plug Extension cords - Lowes - 50% off ($12.47 each) Only was out a couple of hours as I checked out the stores before Christmas and didn't find anything anywhwere else.
  11. Child Safety plugs work very well. Those plastic ones that you stick in your indoor receptaclesw work great outdoors. Black tape (messy) but works ok.
  12. Hi Fellow PCers! I'm looking for the MP3 file of the THX Intro Disaster. email address - [email protected] I would greatly apprecaiate it if someone could send me the file! God Bless! Pastor Brian
  13. I gave up messing with it and just bought a new FM Transmitter, cable and antenna. Thanks Guys!
  14. LOL - yeah I changed the dip switches to different channels and the LED light is on. Checked it on house radio and car radio - nothing but static. I'm just using the antenna on the unit.
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