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  1. someone on here once got the last bucket of empire skin color paint from the factory.
  2. i want some nutcrackers.
  3. this is one great find. is any of it for sale?
  4. they are both in great shape for their age. i lean towards TPI.
  5. the one on the left the eyes are painted to look like he is looking to the side.
  6. can you post pics of the 1957 one please!
  7. it is also so they can use the same mold for the boy and girl and not 2 different ones.
  8. oh, i want i want. for that price to
  9. dapol or beco, those are very rare. i want a set.
  10. thanks, i had to be creative living in a town house.
  11. This is my very little easter display. I hope you all like it.
  12. thanks, im not going to take mine out of the plastic.
  13. I got these at a local antique mall yesterday for for $13.00
  14. nice day. spring break rules, 83 today!

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