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  1. By comparison to other displays (25,000) my display is pretty small but almost all of it is down now. Started taking stuff down New Year's day. Then parts of 2 Saturdays following. I have one tree that was wrapped that I haven't touched yet but it is not really noticeable. By this time every year, I'm just tired of messing with it and want to forget it. It's almost a all in the totes now and in the garage. Some of it is stacked and some of the stacks have already fallen down LOL!
  2. I painted my mast black and spray painted all my cords black to match. You'll be surprised how much shows up when you light up...even in the dark
  3. This has been a difficult year from the beginning. At one point I thought there would be no show this year because of my work schedule, illness, weather, and technical problems. I finally got up and running on Dec. 15--the latest I have ever been. We were gone for 4 days at Christmas and when we got back I discovered that we had a power blip and the show computer had been shut down for 3 days. Since then I have had nothing but electrical problems. I had an electrician friend install 4 new dedicated circuits 3 years ago to serve my lighting set up. As an electrician he put GFT's in the rec
  4. My approach is about the same as others. It really depends on how permanent you want the thing to be. My mast is 2" PVC. I dug down in the ground 2 ft, put a 2 ft piece of PVC in the ground and poured cement around it. when it was set up I glued the female end of a threaded coupler to it and the male end to the 10 ft mast. When it's not in use I just screw a cap on it and cover it for the summer. When I need it I just uncover it, unscrew the cap and screw the mast in. Has worked well for 3 year/ I have four guy wires to hold it in place and I have had no problems in the Oklahoma wind,
  5. This is amazing stuff. I have been trying to decide what to add next year without huge hassle. I have only 2 drive way arches, but I think I just found my addition for next year. These are impressive. If you're still feeling generous could you share the sequences. [email protected] Thanks so much.
  6. If I am understanding your question, you want to know how to change a strand from clear to green to red. If that is your question, Plauche has answered it for you. RGB's (which I have no experience with) are color changing lights and seem to be very expensive. The other option is to make what some folks call 'super strands' which are strands of lights braided together. If you want clear, red, and green, you braid those 3 color strands together into a single strand. Then you have to have a channel to control each color, so that they either flash separately or fade into one another or whate
  7. Darlene: Sorry to hear you had such a tough time. You have been one of my role models since I logged onto Planet Christmas in '08. I always appreciated the Christmas Decorator's prayer that you posted. I am praying now for you that you will heal quickly and that Georgia will be blessed with your display next year.
  8. With the help of LOR I was able to re-set the controller (something I've never done before) However, now I have one channel staying on all the time. If this is a problem with the triac, what do I do? Can these be replaced?
  9. I am running a simple 4-controller network in LOR. I have been using Controller box #1 in the same configuration for at least 4 years. Channels 1-3 drive the 3 sections of my Holdman Bethlehem Star. . It has been working fine for years but tonight it stopped working. I did the usual trouble shooting things: the other 5 channels on the same side of the controller box are working, the pilot light is lit so power is up, the fuses on both sides of the controller are fine. I plugged the lights on the star directly into a receptacle to make sure the problem isn't the lights or the fuses in th
  10. After traveling nearly every weekend Sept - mid Nov for work,, getting sick on the days I took off from work to set up, running into the usual technical problems, and even getting called into work last Friday when I was supposed to be off....TONIGHT THE LIGHTS ARE ON! Some things didn't light up, all the songs are not loaded yet, and I've got a troublesome arch, but IT'S WORKING. This is my fifth year to animate and it is the latest I have ever been in getting going, I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen. Thanks to my wife who put up with all my gripes and complaints and held
  11. Well, I'm not up and running but I'm so much closer. I finally started plugging things into controller boxes and seeing lights flash. I should be operating tomorrow night. I'm so excited to finally be at this point. Everything has been against me. I took a personal day on Friday and still got called in to work. I can't seem to win this year. Either way though....Sunday night the LIGHTS COME ON!
  12. Mwalt It's is never too early to think about next year. Richard Holdman used to say he started planning next year while he was putting up this year's display. I do most of my initial thinking while I'm watching my display run..."Hmm. If I did this...If I changed that...If I added the other thing...." It also gives you the opportunity to evaluate your sequencing in a real life situation. This hobby is learned by doing. My wife usually goes crazy at that point because she's lived with lights and set up for weeks and is ready to think about something else at that point. Just start dr
  13. We had several inches of sleet and ice. It brought down my roof lights. Gives new meaning to "icicle lights"
  14. Friends: I'm a bit desperate. I have been on the road, have been sick, and done on sequencing this year. My display is only 1/2 up. If anyone has 64 channel sequences they w9uld share. I would appreciate it. Thanks Leroy
  15. Hello all! Christmas Junkie checking in. Well, after weeks of travel and the flu I'm finally well into it. My son came down from Tulsa today to help me but up by Bethlehem Star and I got my firesticks on the roof today. Yesterday I got one of my two driveway arches repaired, up, and wired, so I'm well on the way now. I believe it will happen and I will get done. MY advice to everyone is just go out there and do some things. There is no therapy like seeing results. As a counselor, I can tell you that one of the principles of rational-emotive therapy is that feelings follow actions, not
  16. If you are real ambitious you can tunnel under a driveway easily with a hose and PVC pipe. Lowe's sell a special adapter to glue onto PVC that you use to basically erode dirt away under the driveway. I've done it to install sprinkler systems, drainage pipe, and outdoor lighting and it only take about 30 minutes. I'm not a pro so anybody can do it. Then just run your cables through the PVC. But that may be more work that you want to do. It is a permanent solution though and invisible. I just leave the lines in the ground year round and plug into them each fall.
  17. My last 7 weekend have been taken up with work. I took Thur-Fri off this week and all next week off to work on my display and Wednesday night I came home with the FLU! Nothing seems to be going right this year. I have never been this far behind.
  18. Haven't tried one but I sure going to. The best price I found today was $26.25 at http://cdn.opentip.com/Home-Kitchen/Ledgen-Wllanl-Leaping-Arch-Frame-No-Lights-p-4074620.html?gclid=CKGHruPE7rkCFS3hQgodTGcA3A
  19. I have put an old sequence into a new channel configuration. I am using LOR S3. I imported Manheim Steamroller's Stille Nacht into the sequence file and I can see the wave form so I know it's there. It plays great but then suddenly it stops about 30 seconds short of the end. I can see that there is more music there but I can't tell if the sequence goes on or not. I didn't create it so I don't know exactly how long it is. Any suggestions?
  20. Okay...I'm feeling really stupid. I can't remember how to do this. I haven't touched LOR since July. I have a new 64 channel configuration to work with. I want to import and old 48 channel sequence into it so I can work on it. But I can't remember how to do this. DUH. Help!
  21. I got mine from UPS and I really like it. In fact, at your suggestion, I'm going to get another one. I think it would look great running with my sequence for Mannheim's "Silent Night." It''s lots of soft, slow fades. Thanks for the ideas.
  22. My wife found an LED Light Flurries Projector in the Harriet Carter catalog. It projects snow images. It's only $79.00 and had so-so ratings. Anybody familiar with this and have any thoughts? Let me know, please.
  23. Your time, knowledge, expertise, and experience is worth more than they know. They have no idea what to do really. Charge them the going rate for a plumber or electrician or computer helpdesk or carpenter....because you may be all of those at times. If the rate in your area for a service call is $50. an hour charge them that. They can either pay it or have a mess. It's time Christmas decorators gain some respect for the special knowledge they have and the contribution they make.
  24. My advice for this first year is beg, borrow, or buy sequences. for 32 channels from other people. Lots of them are free here online. LOR sells them but they are a bit pricey.. My first year, I just used stuff from other people and it worked very well. You have no idea the problems, computer glitches, burnt out bulbs, blown fuses, extension cord failures, rainy days when you can hang lights, and software learning curve ahead of you. You may be a quick learner but sequencing takes lots of time. Do what works for you but remember this is supposed to be fun;
  25. It's all in what works for you. I start in Sept because I travel a lot in Oct for work and have very little time in Nov. Do what works for you. One word of warning. If you have doubled the size of your display, the time involved won't just double. It increase geometrically. Depending on how complex your display is, double the lights and channels will probably increase your time by a multiple of 4 or 8 times. Every additional channel and string of lights is another set of problems to solve. It's all in the challenge.
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