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  1. the newer ver of super star 4.46 and above has a auto face now built in it works great
  2. I redid this for halloween if wanted pm me will send
  3. I just finished low rider by war any one want it pm me will send 16 channel and only one channel sings
  4. thanks those are a good list I have living dead girl one my best halloween sequences
  5. if you do please post I just did juke box hero
  6. bobby that really cool thanks and thanks to all that are helping James Morris
  7. brian thanks for the list will start getting some of the songs the reason i want rock is i got two new halloween skeltons a drummer and gutair player they both take a total of 2200 lights
  8. Brian list please I have a ton nox acrana I got a lot of creepy music from a halloween fourm thanks to all
  9. I have feed my frankstine very good for halloween will look at welcome to my nightmare what im look for I have 192 Halloween sequences looking for new ones that are not sequences yet thanks for the help
  10. just finished call me maybe halloween parody sequences pretty cool
  11. some of the ones i have now are halloween parody to call me maybe, poker face called pumpkin face, taking it to the street called tricken it to the treat, and pumpkin style
  12. looking for some new rock songs that are not the standerd ones thanks
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