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  1. Lov all the pics I wish our mall still had theses displays!
  2. WOW wish I was collecting back then those are great!
  3. I like to use them on my wood cutouts. I like the idea of using them in blowmolds Peppers great idea!
  4. Just might have everything wrapped up today!

  5. And the fun continues just getting started packing up everything takes about a month to get everything put away. Just starting to store the blowmolds after cleaning them I have to do the same when they come out lol. Before the Christmas houses get stored away I have to fix some and some will get a makeover. I try putting different figures in them so they are not always the same for the next Christmas season. Christmas Eve I will hit up the stores in the morning checking out whats in stalk for the day after Christmas then I make my run.
  6. Nice score every blowmold here was sold before they got to go on sale.
  7. Well got a lot done still have to unwrap the house fix bulbs and the Christmas houses usually takes all month so far so good.
  8. Awesome collection Richard everything looks great!
  9. WOW to cool I like everything!!! What you did with the penguins just rocks
  10. I used stucco red tape it bends better than duck tape seems to last longer as well.
  11. Thanks John I do use a lot of PVC its the only time of the year a get s fence in my yard lol...
  12. Looks great!!! Do you have any closeups of the Christmas balls?
  13. Awesome score we are wiped out here, but I was able to get a lot of indoor decorations for my outdoor display.
  14. Your blowmold collection rocks lov your Christmas display way to go!
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