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  1. Cool. Would love to hear about their quality
  2. I had the same thing happen with the C9 LEDs I bought at Lowes. They were the blue labeled GE brand. Must have thrown out over 15 strands of 100 ct. All with same problem. Half way up burnt out.
  3. http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=SHLD&ql=1 This explains why Sears/Kmart have only been at 70% off and why it will be longer (if ever) before they go to 90%.
  4. I won't do it for that reason. Don't have to break it to the boys yet I used to think I did it for myself, and I do, but I was amazed how many people stop me and say how much it means to them and thank me. One of our neighbors has had a pretty rough go. He was a successful lawyer until a heart attack left him a little mentally impaired. The.last year his son committed suicide around the holidays. He told me my lights keep him and his daughter in the season.
  5. LOL sure sounds like it. They want us to be on the Great Christmas Light Fight. They know we aren't in that league which is why they keep saying "we need to step up our game". They already have the $50,000 spent
  6. JR Kahuna

    My Setup

    Here are some close up images of the balls. You will also see one of my favorite decorations on a large maple and they are inflatable ornaments that measure 48 in in diameter. I got them at Home Depot about five years ago. They retailed for $99 each and when I went in they were the display models and HD was beyond 90%. I asked the manager how much he would take and he said "You deflate the stupid things and get them out of my face, I will sell you all three for $15". SOLD!!!!! It was a sorry sight seeing me roll around on the floor trying to deflate them before he changed his mind. I originally bought three of them; a gold one, a red one and a green one. I liked to say that I had the biggest balls in the neighborhood. Last year some low rent jack wagon stole my green one. I was so upset. What kind of low life steals a christmas decoration? Anyway, now the remaining two get chained to the tree which is really sad. The first picture is of two of the balls I have made. That was my first year. I am up to twelve of them right now. They are pretty simple to make. Just take chicken wire and cut about a two to three foot wide sheet. Then form it into a cylinder. Then you want to mold the two ends until it forms into a ball. It takes a bit of time, but once you get the hang of it, it goes pretty quick. Then just wrap them in lights. Most folks hang them from trees and in some instances get them 30 to 50 feet in the air. When you get a lot of them really high up, it is a pretty good visual. This is a tool you can use to help get them on the high branches. http://www.sherrilltree.com/Professional-Gear/Lines-and-Weight-Combos/Outdoor-Tree-Lighting-kit#sthash.2CmVJJ6K.axe2mh4c.dpbs This year we put them in the yard and they looked great, but I think they may have been contributing to my GFI issues. Next year I am going to get get them off of the ground, but keep them street level so they look like they are just floating in the yard. Let me know if you have any questions. PS I also included some close up images of my setup from last year.
  7. JR Kahuna

    My Setup

    Thank you. I appreciate that. I love multi colored lights and these stand out more because everyone else in our development uses white. They don't show up well, but in the yard are 12 balls made our of chicken wire wrapped in lights. Most folks put them high up in trees, but I decided to put them in the yard (they may have been the culprits of my GFI issues). Next year I am going to get them off of the ground and have them at different heights looking like they are floating in mid air. There is a neighborhood in Greensboro that puts these high up in their trees. It really looks neat. I will see if I can find pictures online and post.
  8. JR Kahuna

    My Setup

    It isn't much, but it's a start. As you can see I don't have anything on the house, but I want that to change. I have an uneven, sloped lot with 30-40 roof line. I also have a very big yard to fill up, but I don't like blow molds (storage) and blow ups (rain and snow issues). Anyway, here it is.
  9. http://www.amazon.com/Duck-Removable-Mounting-Poster-1436912/dp/B000BQMFEC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1388979445&sr=8-1&keywords=poster+putty
  10. I am a relative noob and wouldn't call what I do a "show" although I am very proud of what I put up. I have a static display with about 10,000 lights (C9,C7 and minis). Nothing fancy, no arches, no blow molds, no blow ups, no items in the yard. Just lots of lights on lots of bushes and trees; 10 crepe myrtles, 1 Japanese maple, 6 sky pencils, 5 cherry trees, 1 maple tree and 13 assorted shrubs and trees I don't know the name of. All of them get lights and wrapped individually and no net lighting. I also have 120 feet of the light changing peppermints that my boys love putting out which is great because they are hard on my 46 year old frame. This is the first year my two boys really helped a lot or I would still be taking stuff down. I would pull down the lights, my oldest would wind them up and the youngest hauled it into the basement. The greatest thing was that I took the boys (they are 10 and 7) to breakfast this morning and all they could talk about was what we were going to do next year. The oldest had the idea of putting arches along the 120 feet of front yard with the peppermints underneath. I told him we would do it, I love the enthusiasm.
  11. I scored some more C7 LEDs at one of our Home Depots. The other has nothing. Stopped by Kmart and they are on,y at 70% at what I think are inflated prices! but still had plenty of stuff. I already spent a good chunk this year and starting to get the "enough" look from my wife. I am going to keep checking back this week until they go 90%. I treat this like buying stocks, patience and you can get you price
  12. Yeah I am glad I got it all in as today is raining and I probably wouldn't have gotten it down until the weekend. The basement is a mess, but I can work on that next weekend during the playoffs. Going to really work on organizing better heading into next year
  13. Got everything down yesterday except some LEDs on the back deck that change color. I just love them So glad I came across this forum. Already have great ideas that are not only going to make life easier but really start taking things to the next level without spending the kids college fund HAPPY 2014
  14. That is what happened around me the last few years, since the economy turned down. Last I went out day after Christmas and the cupboards were bare. I didn't even bother going out this year. It was sheer luck when I went on New Year's Eve and scored my 5500 at 75%. One of the employees said they had received them from other stores. I will take it.
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