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    Just starting out with xmas lights and now want to try to animate them
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    I have a 9ft inflatable santa a set of 3 animated santa lights a 10mmtr static rope light 5000 fairy lights
  1. Thanks Brian, Not only was my units controller pictured but it was damm simple to do and... It worked! now all I need is some more solder and to take back all the circuts etc lol
  2. Hi, Was hoping someone knew hoew to make multi fuctions LED's static so I could use them with my LOR controllers - harder to find static lights here than controller ones - I found instructions on a australian website but didn't make any difference http://computerchristmas.com/christmas/link-how_to/HowToId-23/LowLimit-10 Solder a 1F, 5v memory backup capacitor in parallel with the 100uF cap, with a 5.6k resistor on one lead. The cap is flat and is small enough to fit inside the case. The negative lead can go to any negative rail on the board. Use a short length of insulated wire to connect it
  3. Hi, I want to buy strobe lights off christmas light show and was wanting to know if the SPT1 wire you clip them onto can be run on 240 volt as I can't seem to find SPT1 wire over here (Australia) - if someone knows what it is called over here all good if not, I was thinking of popping into lowes and buying some when I am over next week and was hoping if I replace ends with Aussie plugs all good. Alos I notice their are two types of strobes that can be purchased, LED and Xenon any one had any experience with both who can tell me which is better or, if both are pretty much the same? Thank
  4. Thanks for the help guys, I'll keep my eye out for more static ones for a while longer otherwise I might give a couple of sets of the memory ones a go and try to modify them it they don't live up to their name
  5. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has used LOR controllers with lights that have a memory controller on them so that if you set them to static they stay on static everythime you turn them on and off. Just wondering if these work with LOR as I'm struggling a bit to find static lights over here in Australia and if these will work.... well it will make things easier
  6. No I think thats enough lol, I'll give the laptop a go first - my street is very narrow so I only need sound to carry 20ft or so - and hey, if its not loud enough then along with more lights and displays the following year I will buy a amp too
  7. Thats quite alright. Just frustrates me that I can get the schedule 40 PVC in American size and the dura clip tees but not the spears tees or the stars and bases that christmaslightshow has
  8. Hi all, I'm starting my first animated display this year and won't pretend to know it all, I'm getting a basic understanding of the LOR controllers and soon the software and have started building my mini trees and getting the bits together for my Mega tree. I do have a question though which is what is the easiest best value option for running sound? I had looked at the LOR showtime director as I have a normal PC no laptop but though wait I'll have to buy a amp and speakers or run it to a stero with a AUX input which I also don't have so, I am wondering if I buy your basic smaller laptop (1
  9. after their only reply twice more over 2 weeks. I know better than to bombard people with emails. As for why is it urgent at this time of year? Summer is finishing here so once it cools down (We have broken the record for most consecutive days over 35 degrees celcius (95 degrees F) nearly 30 days in a row with non of the nights dropping below 25) I want to get started for this Christmas
  10. Well they don't seem to like me. As i said after the reply I received from my first email they have not responed to any others - I have been polite with pleanty of Hi's, please's and thank's anot not talked rubbish, I have got the automated message saying that "we have received your email and will endeavour to respond in the next few hours". The last email I marked as urgent (I had a option of emergency but thought that might be going to far) and that was 4 days ago and the first was marked as low and I got a response in just over a day. Busy or not I thought if they could reply to the first s
  11. Anyone else having trouble contacting christmaslightshow.com? I'm in Australia and I made a enquiry about their mega tree kits, I got a message back saying in brief, sorry can't help your on metric we're imperial. I have since tried to contact them again in regards to other producuts (virtual santa) as well as the mega trees (found a company that makes pvc to imperial measurements etc) and they don't bother to respond. I get the automatically generated email of - we received your enquiry we will get back to you shortly..... I have tried 3 more time and even increased the urgency of message to
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