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    static at the moment but hoping to buy some lor controllers for this year
  1. It woud be good to know what songs are included and how long the projection runs for.
  2. I guess not to bump any heads 10jeater you should probably have stated if its your own work or not, or you just happened to come by them surfing around. At least then there would be no confusion as to who done the programming.... ps if you did do it nice work on the sequencing
  3. No sorry, i just checked the Lowes website and they have it listed at full price around $28, i guess it must be just a in-store clear out.
  4. popped into my local Lowes this morning and they had kill a watts EZ marked down to $12 on clearance.
  5. Hi Lee, well you caught the culprit on video, and if i was you am sure one of the channels would love to do a story for you, i will be bringing the girls down for a visit one night over the weekend before christmas,so they can see your display. I am going to get my musicial lor section set up over the next 2 days, the wind that came in last wednesday done a number on some of my icilies already which i have to fix first on the static display. keep the neighbourhood smiling, martin
  6. Nice Tree, Disney i have to wait another couple of years for mine to get bigger, in the mean time most of the kids actually think they are oranges till they get up close....
  7. Poured some post footings today, i have to lift my show above a 6ft retaining wall on the side of the house, at least everyone will have a good view !!!!!! Hope to go live Sunday, monday at the latest !!!!!!! too much to do no time to do it !!!!!!!!
  8. Hi Don whenever you get a chance send me a copy, i will keep it in the archives untill the kids get older !!!!!!
  9. Since we have alot of junior trick or treaters that have been afraid to come near our house in past years , this year we are taking a more kid friendly approach, bit of a rush as we just got back from disneyland but our Pumpkin Tree is finished, lit up with about 400 purple lights in the evening, turned out well. Next project is to get our singing quartet from holiday-coro up and running !!!!!!
  10. WOW makes mine look like its kid !!!!!!
  11. Good work, s88---- havnt even pulled mine out of the box yet, way too much going on and not enough time to do it........
  12. CVS and Walgreens are stores i hit directly after halloween, if you can find a store in an quiet neighbourhood you can get amazing deals, most of the good stuff still on the shelves, for 50 to 75% off.... I bought all of my lighted pumpkins at thrift stores for around $2-3
  13. Dale W, have you the nightmare before christmas sequence already setup for a pumpkin face, if so i would love a copy as well...
  14. Hi avman, i just ordered the quartet discounted myself.... as far as lights go it will be up entirely your own chioce what you want to use. I own the pumpkin already and all the lights are orange on that one. Since its 4 different faces i think they would look better with different colors just to give each of them there own character... If you have plenty of mini lights to work with mix and match to find what works for you. Sometimes its hard to find the right minis anyhow, the plan calls for 8 colors but i will probably only use 4 or 5 tops for each face and mix and match between e
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