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  • My favorite Christmas story
    This all all started years ago when my Father was my age. My Grandmother would cut Christmas Figurines out of plywood, and place them in their yard each year. They had a Snowman Family, Two Gingerbread Houses, A set of 10ft Toy Soldiers, And Santa popping out from A Chimney! My Grandfather also Outlined the entire house with good'ole C9 Lights. It only gets better! The campground that my grandparents had a site at, would celebrate Christmas in July. This also led to a site decorating contest. My father Created A 12ft tall 2D Snowman & Santa out of cardboard boxes. We also lined up 3 large tables with Christmas Animated Figurines, as my grandmother collected them and placed them around her tree each year. Did I mention Their Tree ALLWAYS had real popcorn garland, and Bubble lights each year?!
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    Pawtucket R.I.
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    Native to R.I. and have been decorating my house by myself for about 8 years now.
  • Interests
    Light-O-Rama, Running the local Haunted House, Live Sound & Lights for bands & Stage performances.
  • Occupation
    Live Sound. Stage Lighting.
  • About my display
    32 Channels of Light-O-Rama, 20 ft Mega Tree, 20 ft Spiral Tree, 7 Mini Trees, 3ch Star, Mini Firework Poles and lots more!

    (Original Display) 12 channels Computer Control through the Parallel Port. Red, Green, Blue Mega Tree (12ft tall) 6 Mini Trees. 3 PreLite Colored/White Wire Frame Trees 6ft. tall. Lots more to Come!!!
  1. I am a former member of planet Christmas, and i have been using this site for about 4 years now. Just recently my account was deleted for no reason. (I was an active user on the site) Any possability's as to why this happened? Thank You, Brian C. Rhode Island Lights
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