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  1. And in a month this info will be outdated. By doing previous searches he can see what people feel is needed to run LOR. Which basically is anything since it is not a big resource hog. I still feel it's best to have a minimum computer to run LOR and get a good one for internet. My question is while you are running LOR, will you be surfing the internet at the same time?
  2. Many previous discussions on this. Search is a useful tool
  3. Cheap Windows XP is fine. Do not use a Mac.
  4. Got my tickets for the Mannheim Steamroller concert in Spencer, Iowa December 11th!
  5. OK, Thanks. Will give it a go. Jerry
  6. If I have a 1TB hard drive do I need a 1TB external hard drive to backup to or is it compressed?
  7. Running Windows 7. What's the best way to backup to an external hard drive so if I ever have to restore I won't need to re install all my programs?
  8. Not everyone uses cutouts in their display. Like DSE said, it's kind of early.
  9. woot.com has security systems and cameras until Jan 25th. http://www.woot.com/plus/lights-camera-jail-1
  10. WOOT has this 8 camera security system today. I know nothing about it, just posting to give a heads up. First Alert DC8810-420 8-Channel / 8-Camera DVR Security System $249.99
  11. I like Scott's idea. That would be cool. You can't stop them so why hurt relations. Work together on it.
  12. Another way to tell I discovered the other night photographing mine. I was using a digital camera and held the shutter button down half way to focus. When I did that the lights were flickering in my camera display.
  13. I had a hard drive fail one time but was still able to get the files off. I have a cable you connect to the hard drive and the usb port on the computer. I was then able to retrieve the files. You might check with a computer repair place.
  14. Yep, my Menards just got them in and I got one.
  15. JerryK

    Led Keeper?

    Are these the same item just different colors? http://tinyurl.com/bmphg7b http://tinyurl.com/cjuf7k6
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