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  1. Does anyone have any santa voices to a three channel singing santa that i could put in between my my sequences that anybody would like to share.
  2. 2 -16 channel mega tree 10 minis 2 channel each 2- 8 channel arches. 2- 8 channel start bursts. 5 stars, 3 channel santa. 2 for house, 6 channels grid across roof
  3. Does anyone have this setup from wow lights. These guys are great people to do business with. I got 128 channels and was looking for something out of the ordinary for this setup. Its up and running just thought I would ask you great people if anyone had anything you could share. Thank you to all of you for your help.
  4. Hello again Charlie. Yes I'm looking for anything that follows 1 mega tree 16 channels. 4 arches 2 star bursts. 5 shooting stars 6 yard channels. The wow lights . Com 64 to 128 channel setup. Thanks again.
  5. Once again no time to finish my personal sequencing, Anyone got any wow light 128 channel sequence ideas .
  6. Does anyone have a wowlights 64 channel setup that would like to trade custom sequences. Got quite a few to trade wanting something different this year, no time to sequence myself.
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