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    Well I do love the Griswold Family Christmas Story ;) I strive to put up as many lights as Clark W Griswold
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    Buena Park, CA
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    I love Halloween and Christmas!
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    Decorating and traveling
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    I have only recently started decorating for Christmas, only two years now, Christmas 2011 will be my first with a light o rama set up. Wish me luck! I have experience decorating though because I have been decorating for Halloween for 8 years now.

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  1. thank you everyone!! So i should make a loop show for after the real show. Ok just one more question, right now I'm using the "Simple show builder" will it work with that, or do i have to get technical? Im lucky that i even figured out how to sequence lol
  2. Is there a way to leave my display on static when the LOR show is over? I don't want to switch my cords or anything Im hoping that there is a program for it Please help! Merry Christmas!!
  3. wow! you are amazing! Great display! Is it animated also? I love the Real blanket of snow! Here in so Cal, we have to buy the rolls of fake snow to put over the grass.
  4. I sent you a PM. I have this set up
  5. My husband and i are gonna power thru the weekend setting up in 70 and 68 degrees. I better find a light sweater, thats chilly for So Cal
  6. Check out the mall Kiosks Cart things, They can make Vinyl letter decals. Like the ones you would use on car that way they will stand up to the weather. I live in So Cal and they are popular out here (the little cart things). Not sure if that would be of interest to you
  7. I have already got my Christmas Cards Come on People lets have some fun! Sign up! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
  8. I was telling my husband he should take the christmas lights w/ him to the roof when he takes down the ones from halloween and just swap them that way he only has to get on the roof one or two times
  9. Wow! lets get more people to sign up for the Christmas Card exchange! There are only 10 of us! I know we ALL have MAJOR Chirstmas Spirit!! Lets do it! Come on Peeps, I would love to hand make you a glittery card w/ love!!
  10. I also suffer from Over-decorator-itis!! there is no fun in "less is more" lol!!
  11. No!! lol! my kids showed me this video the other day and I wish I could UN see it I should ground them! And Thank you for making my light show possible! You are awesome!
  12. @jarnaez, its cool, where are you located? And I have so much more stuff that comes out closer to Halloween cuz I get nervous that it might walk away
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