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  1. I live in WA state and they all go up in the attic. Only issue I have is that I need more blow molds. They are more scarce here.
  2. Very awesome dislay. I absolutely love the arch way! Super cool!!!!!!!!!
  3. Wow that's awesome. I've been wanting those 2 for awhile now.
  4. Very cool display. I've always like the wreath mold and I really like the bells blow mold. Never seen that one before.
  5. Looks good so far. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.
  6. I've been using CFL's in all light fixtures in my house for a few years now and have yet to replace one. Last year I converted all my blow molds to CFL's and have been very happy with the results.
  7. Sweet Army! There's an issue in my yard, better send them my way.
  8. Always nice having friends looking out for you. Nice score!
  9. I have to agree. You can find the pumpkins, I usually try to stick to $5 to $10 a piece when I'm buying. I have passed on lots because people want ebay or higher prices.
  10. Nice job! Why can't this ever happen to me? Very jealous.
  11. Every time I locate an angel, people think they are coated in gold. So needless to say, I only have 1 angel for now.
  12. I also picked up the same mold recently for free but unfortunately it was WAY beyond repair so he met his maker.
  13. OUCH! $125. I bought mine with 3 deer for $30 or $40. I guess I'm cheap.
  14. Good job. I had a dream the other day that the neighbor had Goofy blow mold and they gave it to me. Sad part is that I woke up.
  15. Wow nice score. I really wish the northwest had offers like that. Good job!
  16. Not sure if you moved yet but we just got back from Astoria on a camping trip. Love Northwest Oregon. Beautiful places to see. I'm about 2 hours away. We'll have to check out your display sometime.
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