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    Everything you ever wanted to know about
  2. Can't hurt to give the guy a call. Find out what they are looking to do and what they are willing to do. If it is going to work out, leave the display up for one more weekend. It might get you a few more donations. Also ask if they would be willing to come back early next year. Just remember, everything is negotiable.
  3. It looks like that inspired someone else down here. http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/story/24277715/villa-christmas-display-inspires-hatefilled-letter#axzz2o9I5GZK8
  4. My google-fu has failed me. I have a Big Frog near me. If you don't want the shirt in black, they can help you design one.
  5. Just like gawegiel, I run another show. I do mine as an animation loop. I have the Mega Tree fade from Red to Green to White to Red and repeat that. I march my mini trees through a similar color cycle.
  6. You have a HolidayCoro ActiDongle. What are you attaching to it?
  7. The first question is what is the voltage and amperage requirements? That will determine how many & what size batteries wired in parallel and series. Once you have that figured out, then you can look at battery holder. Base on the battery holder you choose, you can decide to attach it to the belt. You could look at using a fastener/rivet, Velco straps, elastic to create a bandoleer or pouches. You may want to consider a fanny pack. Attaching them to the stilts has merit too.
  8. Twist the "b" lines together and twist on an electric wire cap. Drop it into a plastic wall box and put a cover plate on it. Don't need to tape or solder (although some electricians will wrap the sides of the switch in electric tape.
  9. I strongly recommend getting an account with a photo sharing site like Photobucket or Picasa, then link to the photos with the "image" button.
  10. cacoulter

    C7 Mounting

    You can always use the J-Channel trick. Keeps them straight & even and makes them easier to put up.
  11. This sounds like one of those internet pranks like recharging your cell phone by placing the battery in the microwave. All it does is destroy your battery and the microwave. There are plenty of videos of people burning up Christmas lights by placing them in the microwave. I would say skip the idea and invest in a real light tester.
  12. I happened across this video. Climbing a tower with proper safety gear. Something we should think about while hanging those lights from the roof.
  13. You need to save the channel config as a template: Edit - Import/Export if I remember correctly. Open the sequence and import the template.
  14. Strapping a controller to each dancer is probably how they did that. If you stop and thing about it, those dancers probably had: 1. Lights 2. Some sort of controller 3. Some sort of wireless connection 4. A power source/battery pack. Personally, I would be looking at: RGB Multiple, small form factor, 3-channel controllers (less bulk in a single location) Wireless DMX I would also use as small of a battery pack as I could. Maybe even multiple packs, spread out. They only has to last five minutes, then you can replace the packs.
  15. 1768' in about 10.5 second. It is not high enough to need to calculate terminal velocity. How long does it take to climb up one? By the way Dennis, your friend is certifiable.
  16. You can't cut at the three wires. You can only cut at the two wire. The lights are wired in a series. Most common is 50. These bulbs are typically rated at about 2.5 volts. You need ALL 50 to be able to run 110V through them. While you could wire it back together to work, you will quickly burn out the bulbs as they will be overpowered. Otherwise, you will have to wire in a resistance to make up for the missing bulbs. While you could splice another string to your center bar, to me, it would be more trouble than it is worth. Start with the center bar. Then go around the outside and end at the center bar. No, your plug will not be in the lower corner, but that is what SPT wire is for. Use a longer string(s) than you need and gather the slack between the lights.
  17. I am taking a guess at this. Try renaming the file. I am wondering if the name is too long.
  18. I have been looking at the picture and the shadows. It looks to me like the tree is about the same height as the house, and I am guessing the house is about 30' high. If that is the case, a 16' step ladder and an extension pole should do the trick. You could probably rent the ladder. Double check the height. If you have access to a car/truck with a trailer hitch receiver, you could look into a MonkeyRack. If you can get some help on the finances and rent the cherry picker, attach a set of pulleys & ropes to the top of the tree. You won't need to re-rent the cherry picker every year.
  19. So the formula is length=2808/Frequency, so: 2808/97.3 = 28.86" The radials are 5% larger, so: 28.86*1.05 = 30.30" As your tape measure probably only goes down to 1/16", round these off to 28.875 - 28 7/8 30.3125 - 30 5/16 Note the top of page three. He adjusts his antenna to the middle of the two frequencies that he uses. You can also translate that as you don't have to be very precise.
  20. Let's do the math... What frequency are you planning on using?
  21. Here is one that is a little easier to make. http://www.mikestechblog.com/joomla/ham-radio/ham-radio-antennas-category/99-build-2-meter-vertical-antenna.html
  22. Well, it is 6:00 PM and no one else has confirmed. Let's try again some other time. Meet & Greet is canceled due to lack of interest.
  23. I wouldn't blame you for not coming. That is quite a drive just to meet me. Personally, I think it is worth it, but then again, my opinion is a little biased. If we don't get at least two more confirmations by 6:00 PM Friday, I think that we should cancel it. We could try again in 3-4 weeks. If the group is not very big, less than about 10 people (and based on this go around that probably will not be a problem), we won't need to make special arrangements anywhere to meet. What are your thoughts?
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