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  1. John...those "Lightning" strikes came out by pure accident when I was programming but did look cool..thanks Man!
  2. For those old enough this was done more for the music than the lights ...I just had to incorporate this late last year. I will work on the sequence this year and fine tune it but for those that know this album, for me it was a must to put out there.
  3. Nice Brian...yes Very similar effect...I like the Marty Fan as well!
  4. The First Video is of this Past Christmas...The Second Video I found on you tube of my house from one of our viewers who, oh well you will hear the excitement! Includes the Virtual Santa.
  5. Thankyou everyone. As you can see I have not been on here much latley....did not mean to ignore any questions..I did a Carol of the Bells theme this year so I used a few this one is from Arion . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEKue3SrhOo...It is not my own remix ...at all..think its part of a video game....I also did a Version by David Foster/Straight chaser that I did Edit and has a better video vimeo.com/55356380 To Dave H....No flood Lights although I wanted to, but with the dark Brick ..from what I read in the past did not think they would wash well....
  6. My 3rd..year ..first with Bouncing Icicles....Still needs a little work https://vimeo.com/55797526
  7. I have four sets of snow tubes....in the past I have only used 2 sets together....This year I wanted to use all 4..when I connect them they look as though they are supposed to fit a specific way but when I do connect them they don't work. However, when I flip the connector around it works. My question is basically will reversing this connector do any damage?
  8. Thats what I had heard as well Steve..and yes way over priced.....
  9. Which LED's are you getting from HD that we know can fade?....I know they sell Martha Stewart but I don't want them as I know they are terrible....
  10. Nice Reminder..for I am sure we all have a "light show" fan that we may never know of, but one who's holiday will be brighter by what we do.
  11. I incorporated my Virtual Santa into my LOR music files so when I use it I am able to play it right thru the FM channel...I created a few different videos to go along wih my virtual Santa as well and when I am not using the video I have a nice christmas video background playing in the window. Its nice because it gives me complete control over the show and lets me incorporate a video in the Show editor wherever I want.
  12. Kinda what I was thinking Takoda....As far as the Hot Glue Beefy I appreciate the idea just didn't want to attach anything to the house....
  13. Looking for some ideas on how to build a Snowflake Wall without drilling into the brick wall. My Brick is pretty much Flush so using Clips to hold the SF won't work. I thought I saw on here that someone had designed a structure to hold the Snowflakes? I know Holdman had used some wire to attach his cascading SF but I was thinking I wanted mine away from the house itself. Any ideas to get me headed in the right direction would be appreciated. My last thought was some chicken wire wrapped around 2 poles and attach the SF's to that...Probably looking at something in the 15' to 20' range Thanks EZ
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