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  1. I do a small section for the manger scene- it's only 12x8 white & blue...
  2. Now just wait a minute- just for some of our sanity. How many lights does your show have? Personally, I have over 70,000 and after working a full day I only have packed up maybe 7,000 or 8,000. But that does include lowering down my 25 ft. mega pole system.
  3. In five years happy to say that I've never had a problem with my display, however last week we had a 18/19 year old that got into my vehicles, threw trash bags around and then tried to pry open the 2 windows that I had cords coming out of- lucky those were locked down with 2x4's and locks. The good news- no damage to the display, but my cameras that are aimed at the display did pick up his face and the police have a warrant for his arrest!
  4. Just starting??? I've been working since October 1st- but I do have over 400 channels and 70,000 lights to put up. Our pest control guy asked me: "2 months of work for 1 month of lights?" I told him that is why some call it an addiction!
  5. Hey Cliff, Our Jacksonville stores haven't done anything yet- I think I may have to head up your way...
  6. I've got 2 or 3 older ones that do that but I never worried about it- it's normal for theater dimmer controls to do that. Just assumed the same for LOR...
  7. Hey Louie- are you rope strands still on the Merry Christmas Sign or is it just the rope? If it's still in tact as a sign I may be willing to drive down...
  8. The new Gen 3 boards have an item added that many have called a snuffer- the old gen 1 & gen 2 boards had an issue with 'ghosting' of LED lights. That sound like the issue that you had with your tubes. Many on these boards have proposed many solutions- ranging from putting an extra bulb on the circuits (like you did) to using night lights to using plug in scent machines to using a resistor (Which was my solution). "There are many ways to skin a cat"- or in this case to kill a ghost light!
  9. Not familiar with xlights, but is there a possibility that the file name is different than the others- some programs will not read dashes, additional characters, longer names, etc... Just a thought
  10. To add to the party... As a musician I have to add: Don't forget the issues of being a public show: copyright and performance licenses. There are performance fees which go to the musicians, composers and publishers of the music that you use. A household using the music has always been classified as a private listening audience, however the second you do anything at a business or a public park then it becomes a commercial venture. Wow Lights has sequences that have a commercial license with it but you must contact them direct for prices...
  11. All good points above- Hey just as a follow up I ran across the post below with Nutz4Lights out of Melbourne Florida... Louie is a good guy and has been selling his gear at fair and lower prices! it's worth taking a look and considering.
  12. I personally would never want to run that risk- if you are getting close to 'popping' a main breaker than you are in the 'danger zone.' Just for safety I would urge you to do a planned pop of the breaker. I've seen some breakers which seize up, saw one cause a fire at a hotel (the salt air corrosion caused it to stick in the on position even after a major over load). I would strongly urge you to do the math. There are plenty of spread sheets which give you the amperage draw for the lights. Even if you do the math ahead of time, I would use a Kill-O-watt meter and double check your amp
  13. I agree w/ NH Dave: lots of questions before we can help you with some answers 1). Do you mean Lepai instead of Lepal? Lepai is known for some descent units however, they measure their units at 4ohms w/ 10% distortion- which means the louder you go for the amp the more distortion they put out. 2). What is the actual model number of the unit? 3). What speakers are you using with it? 4). What area are you trying to fill?
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