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  1. Thanks everyone I finally found some and going to start from there
  2. I live in Southern California and was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy the large sheets of coroplast locally??? I have some projects I wanna get started on but can't find the larger sheets I need in 4' x 4' or 4' x 8' other than online but the shipping is a killer!!!
  3. I have some newer inflatables where they provided light bulb covers but does anyone have or know where I can buy some for my old ones???
  4. Only the new ones in boxes left
  5. Thanks for the info, what u think the chances are of rust given i live in southern cal???
  6. 20 clear 4' x 6' minis in boxes $2 14 multi 4x6 also new but w/o boxes $1 each And about 20 clear used nets from this year .50 each w/o boxes
  7. I want to use some inflatables for next year but the wife hates the way they look during the day when they are deflated. I am planning on rewiring them for lor use and was wondering if anyone knew the average life of the fan motors in run continiously or if replacements can be bought of taken from another unit??? Thanks
  8. I have clear in boxes and some multi out of box but never used
  9. I have unused unopened net lights from home depot from last year that i never got around to use and my plans have changed for next year. 150 count mini's asking $2 each. Have around 20
  10. Thanks for the ideas and keep em coming,toymakr00 thanks for the grid and texan i am looking forward to the pics
  11. I would really like to make a driveway arch for my 3 car garage driveway. It's about 25 feet wide at the base and I still need to use the 2 car garage par for my 2 cars any ideas??? I tried to do something this year and it was poorly thought up and I fgured fellow planeteers would gave better guidance than anyone else. Thanks
  12. I am planning for next year and was wondering how do you suggest mounting lights on a wood cutout pattern similar to the way people push lights through coro platic. Any suggestions would help
  13. I believe I have some in the garage in black and green that could help out that I am not using. Let me know. Probably about a few hundred loose clips
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