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  1. I'm in Northern Virginia --- specifically in Herndon near Dulles International Airport. I'm pretty sure you can see my lights on take-off and landing. ;-) I've been doing Halloween displays for about 15 years, but last year was my first with Light-O-Rama. I did a 64 channel display for 2011, but am upping the ante to 80 channels for 2012. I will also be adding the singing monster quartet. Here are links to my videos on YouTube... (this is actually first and so far only attempt at sequencing from scratch) Here's a link to my --- without any Light-O-Rama equipment.
  2. With "KISS of Death" in the display, we had to use "Rock N Roll All Nite"! This is my first attempt at creating my own sequence. Not too bad for a newbie.
  3. This is my first posting from my all-new 2011 Chaos Crypt Halloween Light Show. This is my first year using Light-O-Rama. I have a 64 channel setup. I bought this sequence from WowLights.com and edited it fit my setup. The fog machines and animatronics will come out on Halloween weekend. The skeleton band is "KISS of Death" on the Underworld Tour. I plan to post "Rock N Roll All Nite" tomorrow.
  4. This is my 15th year of doing a Halloween display, but my first using Light-O-Rama. I'm running 64 channels with 12 dedicated to the light poles. I'll be posting some video to YouTube, hopefully tomorrow. I've got 33 songs sequenced. A big thanks to all the people who share their sequences --- plus the 4 I bought. It is soooo much easier to edit than to create from scratch. I did create one sequence on my own --- Rock and Roll All Nite. It's for my KISS of Death display. I adapted the plans for 10' Christmas light poles. These are about 6', made mostly with 1 1/2" PVC (3" for the base), using large L-brackets to make the bases. To save channels I'm running the odd poles (3) on one set of 6 channels, and the even poles (2) on another set of 6 channels. The fog machines and anamatronics will come out for Halloween weekend. Oh, and I'm broadcasting everything on FM. I run a show during the day with with 10-15 minutes sets of music, but no lights. I intro the music with announcements for the light show. It's working out pretty well. My neighbors kids tune in each night to hear what's playing before they go to bed.
  5. I'd like two, but it sounds like you only have one left. I'll take the last one --- if you still have it.
  6. I am interested in a 16 channel controller, as long as it is fully assembled and ready to use.
  7. I'm not sure how I missed the latest postings, but seemed to have missed out on most of the controllers. It looks like you have some left. If so, I'd be interested in any 16 channel controllers you have, and possibly some 8 channel controllers, too.
  8. I'm a newbie so forgive me if this question sounds silly. Assuming the 4 CTB16D 16 channel Lighting are fully assembled an ready to use, I can take all four off of your hands. Otherwise, I'd like to buy all 3 LOR1602W controllers. I'm getting pressed for time for Halloween --- this will be my first LOR display --- to so the lack of stock from Light-O-Rama is killing me. I have my sequences ready to go, my lights all prepped, and no controllers to run any of it! Oh, any chance you have a USB485 adapter laying around? - Mike
  9. If you've still got them, I'll buy them.
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