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  • My favorite Christmas story
    That feeling when the display is finally up for the season!
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    Castle Rock, CO
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    Recently moved into a new house and looking to build an amazing display.
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    Cutting down our Christmas tree in the near-by National Forrest (with a permit of course), C9s, Ornaments, and everything else Christmas.
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    Aviation Safety Manager
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    Newbie to RGB and xLights

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  1. Wow! What a fantastic display! Thanks for sharing the pictures and video. I really like what you did with the driveway arch. I'm looking forward to your video on the starbursts. Congratulations again.
  2. Congratulations! Do you have any pics or a website where we can see your award-winning display?
  3. That would be awesome. Heat Miser was one of my older brother's favorite Christmas tv show characters - and now I'll have that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Ha!
  4. Now that's a cool idea. I read on another post about donation boxes how some people seem hesitant to get out of their cars to make a donation. A text donation system would be both convenient and secure. Did this work well for you in 2012?
  5. Very cool idea. Do you happen to have any pictures of a completed ornament?
  6. Nice Work, your display looks great and congratulations on making national news.
  7. Wow, that is amazing. Great job and thanks for sharing.
  8. Snowmen having a snowball fight across the driveway is such a cool idea! Toozie21 - the link in your post did not open for me. I was able to go to your homepage (http://www.tooz.us/index.html) to view your snowmen snowball fight video under projects. Nice job! I really liked how you knocked the hat off the snowman when he got hit with the snowball. Also, "FRA-GEE-LAY Industries" on your homepage is priceless.
  9. "If your yard doesn't sound like an airport put up more inflatables!" Chazilla - I llike the tag line below your picture.
  10. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I think we are leaning towards a white elephant type exchange with stealing. However, I do like the idea of hanging the ornaments on a tree - it would give me an excuse to put up another Christmas tree in the in the house!
  11. My wife and I plan on hosting our first ever ornament exchange party in early December. We have the dates narrowed down, the hors d'oeuvres selected, and the guest list planned. The only thing we haven’t quite figures out is how to conduct the actual ornament exchange during the party. We were wondering if anyone has ideas on how best to do an ornament exchange. Should the guests bring their ornaments wrapped? Do we allow ornaments to be “stolen”, similar to a white elephant gift exchange? Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Hello Darlene, I like your idea to use small glass jars as globes for your runway lights. How did your runway turn out? Do you have any pictures you can share?
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