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  1. So, I finally moved the transmitter to the front of my yard and I get reception 2 houses in either direction. I am still not happy with this. Is there a stronger transmitter that someone would recommend? I see there is a new whole house transmitter 3.0. It looks like it is the same amount of power, but a different antenna...Any suggestions?
  2. I am using 93.9! I did slide the switch behind the sticker and never really noticed any change. It is being run off of one of LOR's mp3 players. When I get home tonight I will try moving it to the front of my yard and I will see if that changes anything.
  3. I only want it to transmit 3 or 4 houses in either direction. The houses r small in my neighborhood, so we are not talking about acres. I had the transmitter mounted to my mega tree in the center of my yard with the antenna stretching to the top of the tree (10') and in my car on the street right in front of my house the signal was very weak and I was picking up a lot of static. Last year I mounted it next to one of my arches at the front of my yard with the antenna hung over the top of the arch and it worked ok, I was just thinking maybe something more powerful would help.
  4. I currently have the Whole House FM transmitter 2.0. It does not seem to be very powerful. Are there any recommendations? If I place the transmitter towards the front yard it will transmit about one house east and west, thats it. I have already peeled off the sticker and flipped the switch (a trick I found on the internet). I am not looking to build one myself, i prefer to just buy a complete transmitter and begin using it right away.
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