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    I decorate for Christmas every year across my house in a playground/park with my family.
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    Collecting Blow Molds
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    I decorate with blow molds blow ups lots of lights and wooden cut outs.

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  1. To stop mine from blowing over I use 2 pole on each blow molds. I pound one in on each backside of the blow molds. Than I use zip ties to tie them to the poles and it works great. We had 30+ winds also and not one blow mold was down that was put up like that. Just some wooden stuff and a lantern that was in one of the trees fell.
  2. Here in PA the winds are starting to get really bad. We do not have any bad damage yet. But I do remember last year when my 40ft mega bent right in half from wind.
  3. Here is my 2012 choir display. The little beco boy in the front has wings but kids broke them off by climbing on the bleachers. http://s1110.beta.photobucket.com/user/sdunn_mvm/library/Christmas%20Display%202012%20pictures
  4. ok we got the last of the videos. we should have them on by tomorrow night.
  5. please keep checking back for more videos/pictures. We had rain and high winds just about everyday the past week so its really bad over there. Today was the first day without rain or wind so I went over and tried to fix some things up a bit. I hope to have videos by the end of the week. thanks and sorry for the delay
  6. ttcd

    My Choir :-)

    thats an awesome choir....what are the really tall ones in the back could you get a picture of them please?
  7. This Saturday Dec. 1st we had our annual Christmas Lighting. We had over 150 kids visit Santa. They received a free Santa Hat from Santa Claus and a candy cane from on of our elves. While the kids and parents waited in line for the arrival of Santa and for the lights to go on we projected a movie (Home Alone) onto our Santa House. We also had free hot chocolate and cookies. You could also visit Santas reindeer in our deer pen. This year we also had one of our friends from Sesame Street....Elmo, who came for pictures with the kids. This year we played Wishes, as some of you may know is the song from Disney World, during the song the first thing we lit was our 40ft tall mega tree. We also et off fireworks during the song. Than after a little while we put on all the lights, than came the arrival of Santa on our local firetruck that the fire dept. left us use. A local carpet store has also provide a brand new piece of carpet for the Santa House.This year I think we have doubled in size with more blow molds and lights. I am going to go around when I have a chance to get an official count on how many blow molds we have. Now onto the pictures/videos. The first set of videos is of our opening night, unfortunately I couldn't get the video of the lights going on. http://s1110.beta.photobucket.com/user/sdunn_mvm/media/2012%20Christmas%20Display/christmasss700.mp4.html http://s1110.beta.photobucket.com/user/sdunn_mvm/media/2012%20Christmas%20Display/christmasss701.mp4.html http://s1110.beta.photobucket.com/user/sdunn_mvm/media/2012%20Christmas%20Display/christmasss699.mp4.html http://s1110.beta.photobucket.com/user/sdunn_mvm/media/2012%20Christmas%20Display/christmasss698.mp4.html The next video is later in the night when every has left. I alsolike to get a video when no one is walking around. This is video one of two, which is the left side of our dispkay. I could not get the second video that night, because the battery dies on the video camera. I will work on getting that and the pictures of it also so please keep checking back. (The videos is still uploading) Coming soon We also made the front page in our local news paper. And our local news station (WNEP16) is suppose to stop by and do a story on it. (Pictures from paper still to come)
  8. Choir displays are also one of my favorite parts of a display. I will get a picture of it when my display is all finished, been working on it since Nov. 1st and still not finished.
  9. I always ship USPS parcel post.. It is the cheapest way. I wrap all mine in bubble wrap and than a heavy duty black garbage bag, it saves a ton on shipping.
  10. He is not really rare, you see him from time to time on ebay. I still do not have on though. I think there are 2 or 3 of him on right now.
  11. I have bought over 20 of them from the guy in MI, very nice person to do business with.
  12. I am thinking about getting a set, but wanted to know how the quality of them are? Is there any detail? Thanks
  13. I took all mine in when a day before the storm. I am glad I did to because the wind was terrible. We we're lucky enough not to be flooded again, and we didn't even lose power.
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