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    i am into making water shows im working on one right now
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    Lighting displays current focus is using water as media
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    Beginer ive been engineering with friend researching ideas

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  1. im not like trying to make a huge show i just want to add them to the finale of my water show. but thank you for telling me about that site
  2. good thing i dont live in NJ
  3. is it possible to hook up fireworks with light o rama?
  4. Jake15

    World Of Jakob

    thanks! all of it is going to be homemade except the kiddie pool and of course light of rama stufff
  5. Jake15

    World Of Jakob

    here is my first update (its just a blueprint on how it will look. this is my first ever project with light o rama.its pretty small. but ill be useing 16 channels. (im just in the design stage. i dont have light o rama yet (i have the software) but i dont have the box's)
  6. Jake15

    World Of Jakob

    Hi everyone! im new to the forums. i am learning how to use Light-O-Rama, my first project is called "the world of jakob" its going to be a crazy water show. im just going to be posting updates about it on here. its going to be a simple show. the way im going to do is by useing solenoid's, led's, and just put it all together with light-o-rama. im thinking of useing waterscreen's but im not sure yet.
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